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Sitting For Entertainment Poses More Risk To Health

Although occupational sitting like be seated in the chair for hours due to work also possesses the risk to heart health, it’s the non-occupational sitting (sitting in front of the television) which welcomes more Cardio Vascular Disorders (CVD).

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5 No-time Tips To Bust Stress During A Busy Work Day

If you were to ask me for an acronym to remember what cures STRESS, I’d say “Striving To Rest Every Single Second”. Rest is like the pause in music. If there were no pauses, there would be no music. There would be cacophony. Likewise, if we don’t rest, our inner frequency gets disturbed and life be

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Signs of Burnout

Do you often feel drained or depleted from work? Do you feel guilty about relaxing? If yes, then you’re possibly in the throes of or at risk of having a ‘Burnout’.

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"Coworking For A Healthy Work-life Balance?”

Coworking gives you a fair chance to network, swap ideas, and surround yourself with professionals who are like-minded, ambitious, and goal-oriented. There are many startups who have benefitted from this community as networking has helped pooled ideas and resources to scale faster.

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Burnout and Balancing Employee Retention

As per estimates by the American Psychological Association, almost 550 million workdays are wasted each year due to employee burnout. With a workforce much larger than the USA, it can be safely assumed that the loss of productivity due to this condition is making an even bigger dent on the Indian GD

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To Burnout Or Not To Burnout

Burnout may be caused and experienced at individual, systemic and environmental levels. It is also dependent on the withstanding capacity at all three levels. However when the threshold is crossed, then it results in a lack of motivation, frustration, disinterestedness, meaninglessness and so on.

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Face-To-Face With Success

A Face-to-Face Request Is 34 Times More Successful Than an Email. That means, if you need to send 200 Emails for a certain result (ROI), you need only SIX face-to-face interactions for the same result. It turns out that we have been grossly over-estimating our virtual influence, and under-estimating

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Mpower Debuts In Delhi Pioneering Multidisciplinary Mental Health Services

Present at the launch Dr. Neerja Birla unveiled suicide prevention toolkit to combat the alarming rise of suicides in India ...

Ankush Bhandari Joins Alight Solutions As VP, Country Leader Of Health & Insurance Solutions

Alight is a cloud-based human capital technology and services provider that powers confident health, wealth and well-being decisions for 36 million pe...

Scientists Recreate Neurons That Allow Mice To Walk Again After Injury

In a study on mice, a group of researchers identified a crucial element for recovering functional activity following spinal cord injury...

Cough Sound Analysis Assists In Determining Severity Of Covid-19 Patients

Some of those infected may develop more severe illness and pneumonia, resulting in a more bleak outlook...

Understanding Brain Strokes: Types, Causes And Warning Signs

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is disrupted, leading to a variety of debilitating consequences...

Cardiovascular Health Across Different Age Groups

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has emerged as a global health challenge, with far-reaching consequences for individuals and nations alike ...

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