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How ‘Quiet Quitting’ Is Impacting Corporate India Inc

Decoding the syndrome of mental fatigue at work that sometimes lead to quiet quitting

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Lack Of Employee Wellbeing Affects Organisation's Productivity

Many researches found that poor health whether physical or mental, contributes to persistent loss of earnings

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What's Needed For Women Employees' Wellbeing Against Harassment In Workplace

Harassment can be of any kind, be it psychological, discrimination, retaliation-based or sexual harassment

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Prominent Challenges For Employees' Mental Health, How To Avoid – Tips For Workforce

The partnership has resulted in Medharbour adding surgical oncology, specialising in breast cancer treatment and breast reconstructive surgery

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Mental Health Issues Cost Indian Firms $14 Billion A Year- Deloitte

Around 47% of those surveyed considered workplace-related stress as the biggest factor affecting their mental health, followed by financial and COVID-19 challenges

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5 Tips To Create A More Inclusive Team Environment

As the legendary management consultant Peter Drucker once said - Culture eats strategy for breakfast

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Focus More On Employee Health Goals Using Vantage Fit

People from all across the globe, irrespective of gender or age, set targets to achieve their fitness and health goals.

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5 Lifestyle Alterations For A Sorted Corporate Life With 5X Productivity

Born as Rajesh Singh Maan, Acharya Ji took the name Advait Yogbhushan when he set out on the path of enlightenment.

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Transforming The Scenario Of Workplace Wellness Through Vantage Fit

In the era of advanced technology, employers have discovered their way around addressing corporate health initiatives through wellness tech solutions.

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Nurturing performance and productivity through a conducive work environment

When employees are recognized, rewarded, and valued for their efforts and contribution to the company, they are consistently motivated and committed to work to their best potential.

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Mpower Debuts In Delhi Pioneering Multidisciplinary Mental Health Services

Present at the launch Dr. Neerja Birla unveiled suicide prevention toolkit to combat the alarming rise of suicides in India ...

Ankush Bhandari Joins Alight Solutions As VP, Country Leader Of Health & Insurance Solutions

Alight is a cloud-based human capital technology and services provider that powers confident health, wealth and well-being decisions for 36 million pe...

Scientists Recreate Neurons That Allow Mice To Walk Again After Injury

In a study on mice, a group of researchers identified a crucial element for recovering functional activity following spinal cord injury...

Cough Sound Analysis Assists In Determining Severity Of Covid-19 Patients

Some of those infected may develop more severe illness and pneumonia, resulting in a more bleak outlook...

Understanding Brain Strokes: Types, Causes And Warning Signs

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is disrupted, leading to a variety of debilitating consequences...

Cardiovascular Health Across Different Age Groups

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has emerged as a global health challenge, with far-reaching consequences for individuals and nations alike ...

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