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Diet Rich In Fat, Sugar Connected To Skin Inflammation

Psoriasis is a common chronic skin condition that generates scales and red patches of skin that are irritating and occasionally painful. Obesity is a risk factor for the onset or progression of psoriasis, according to earlier research.

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Do You Know What Is Bariatric Surgery? Here It Is

Bariatric surgery is an operation with the help of laparoscopic surgery, in which operation of stomach and intestines is done

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Practice Healthy Food Indulgence To Prevent Early-Onset Of Obesity

Obesity has been a worldwide problem for the last decade and a half

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Obese Patients Are At A High Risk Of Hernia Recurrence: Says Expert

Hernia recurrence is more likely due to a high pressure exerted on the abdominal wall.

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Obesity and genes

Obesity is often believed to be a result of eating more calories than we are burning. Why is it that some people gain more weight than others?

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Time to Take Note: Obesity closely linked with Mental Health Issues

We are in the grip of a global epidemic, and it has estimated that by the year 2020 obesity will be the single biggest killer on the planet

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Don't let weight overburden you: Obesity, India's growing problem amongst the millennials

Unhealthy habits have made millennials prone to diseases related to cardiovascular problems, cancer, high cholesterol, strokes and so on. This creates a negative effect on your body and people who are overweight have a greater risk of developing serious conditions.

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VLCC boosts commitment to Fit India, launches Anti-Obesity Campaign

Public Service Campaign That Urges People to Take the ‘Orange Pledge’ to Combat Obesity

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WHO Alarms For High Sugar Content In Baby Foods

If there’s one thing in this world which humans care the most is often their infants. And when it comes to choosing the food that they are going to feed them makes them superconscious.

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Evolution Too Made Humans Obese, Suggests Study

Obesity is generally linked to lifestyle issues and lack of physical activities, but a new study has suggested that evolution too has made humans more obese than before.

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