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Families Who Had Team Mentality Grew Closer During Covid-19: Study

The study results showed significant differences among the groups for several couples and family factors but few differences in the individual and demographic factors

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India Records 2,151 New Covid Cases In Last 24 Hours; 11,336 Vaccine Doses Administered

1,42,497 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of tests conducted so far to 92.13 crore

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Centre Reviews Public Health Preparedness For Covid-19 Management

States assured they will hold mock drill for the readiness of hospital infrastructure on 10th - 11th April 2023

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6 Out Of 10 People Suffer Brain Fog After Covid: Report

The report says, 6 out of 10 people, especially the youth, suffer from brain fog on a daily basis due to covid

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Vaccination Halves Risk Of Developing Long Covid: Study

Vaccinated participants had a significantly lower risk of persistent covid disease, nearly half, compared with unvaccinated participants

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India Logs 1,890 New Covid Cases In Last 24 Hours

According to the official release, 92.09 crore covid tests have been conducted so far, out of which 1,21,147 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours

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Mock Drills At Hospitals Soon To Test Covid Preparedness: Health Secretary

India on Thursday recorded 1,300 new covid cases, the highest in the last 140 days

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India Sent Medicines To 150 Countries During Covid Crisis: Mandaviya

India offered support to more than 150 affected countries in the form of vaccines, medical equipment and medicines during the pandemic, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh said in a Keynote address at the 26th Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth (CSPOC) in Canberra

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USCDC To End Covid Testing Requirements For Travellers From China

The CDC said it will continue to monitor cases in China and around the world. Last week, Japan dropped a requirement that everyone take a test for the virus upon arrival from China

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Covid-19 Originated From Wuhan Lab, Confirms FBI Director

The virus development comes after the Energy Department concluded that an unintentional laboratory leak in China

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Novel Approaches For Anticipating Outcomes In Pregnancies With Foetal Complications

Improved prediction of which pregnancies are likely to result in stillbirth, neonatal death, or extremely preterm delivery will aid in identifying the...

ISKCON's World Holy Name Week And Bhadra Poornima Celebration

The celebration concludes along with over 15,000 Bhagavata Purana Sets distributed ...

Amrita University Unveils Groundbreaking Research Projects During Amma's Birthday Celebration

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma) —spiritual leader, humanitarian and visionary—was born on 3rd October, 1953 in a remote coastal village in Kerala...

Genetics Helps Explain Childhood Cancer: Study

The findings, which will help with genetic counselling were published in The Lancet Oncology....

The Power Of Mindfulness: A Secret Weapon For Competitive Exam Success

Being fully present when studying, rather than letting the mind wander, can lead to more efficient learning and better recall during exams...

Spiritual Well-Being And Mental Health

Discussing the connection between spiritual well-being and mental health and exploring practices that promote both ...

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