Article on February 22, 2018

You Are Worth It

Understanding your self-worth can lead to lifelong happiness. So how confident are you? Do you truly believe in yourself? Your level of confidence plays a big role in measuring your self-worth

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Let us be Humans first - Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Today the world media is talking about the possibility of Aliens descending on the Earth. This possibility excites people in both the positive and the negative way. Most of us feel certain thrill that we would be able to see how the life evolved on other planets and how we would relate and communicate with life on other planets.

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Fun ways to measure Employee Happiness

A happy organisation is a sum total of employee happiness. Research suggests that Happiness or lack of it, can be a key differentiator in the performance of corporates. Happiness is the ultimate productivity boaster.

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The life balances between Being and Doing

To exists, to survive, you have to do much. And then, by and by, your activity becomes a barrier to knowing your being. Your activity is your circumference- you live on it, you cannot live without it. But it is only the circumference, it is not you, it not the centre.

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When love transforms into devotion it transcends sex

Love becomes devotion. Love is the first step, only then can devotion flowers. But for us even love is a far away reality. Sex is the only real thing. Love has two possibilities, either it falls into sex and becomes a bodily thing or it rises into devotion and becomes a thing of the spirit.

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Novel Approaches For Anticipating Outcomes In Pregnancies With Foetal Complications

Improved prediction of which pregnancies are likely to result in stillbirth, neonatal death, or extremely preterm delivery will aid in identifying the...

ISKCON's World Holy Name Week And Bhadra Poornima Celebration

The celebration concludes along with over 15,000 Bhagavata Purana Sets distributed ...

Amrita University Unveils Groundbreaking Research Projects During Amma's Birthday Celebration

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma) —spiritual leader, humanitarian and visionary—was born on 3rd October, 1953 in a remote coastal village in Kerala...

Genetics Helps Explain Childhood Cancer: Study

The findings, which will help with genetic counselling were published in The Lancet Oncology....

The Power Of Mindfulness: A Secret Weapon For Competitive Exam Success

Being fully present when studying, rather than letting the mind wander, can lead to more efficient learning and better recall during exams...

Spiritual Well-Being And Mental Health

Discussing the connection between spiritual well-being and mental health and exploring practices that promote both ...

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