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Navigating Encephalitis During Pregnancy

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain tissue caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi

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Viatris Receives Global Minimized Risk Of Antimicrobial Resistance Certification

Aurangabad, India site is the country’s first pharmaceutical facility, and first in Viatris’ network, to meet new British Standards Institution (BSI) Kitemark certification

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Manipal Hospital, Kharadi, Commenced Specialised Clinic

Manipal Hospital, Kharadi today commenced its specialized Vein Clinic to offer comprehensive care to people suffering from various vein conditions

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The Role Of Nutrition In Supporting Pediatric Cancer

We all know regular and optimal nutrition for a growing child is essential to maximize health and holistic development

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Afforest Green Beauty Unveils India’s First Jackfruit Skincare Range

Bengaluru-based beauty brand Afforest Green Beauty launched India’s first jackfruit skincare range

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4,753 Participants Raised Rs. 83.46 Lakhs At 22nd Annual TTEC Wellness Walk – 2024

The 22nd Annual TTEC Wellness Walk was held at the L. D. College of Engineering

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Friendship Apps Help Fight the Loneliness Epidemic

In a world where urbanization and technology dominate our daily lives, the need for human connections and thus meaningful friendships has become more crucial than ever

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Techniques For Using Nature As A Tool For Personal Growth

Nature has long been recognized as a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery

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Unleashing Human Potential Through Solar Power

Sunlight is the essence of life on planet Earth, providing the nourishment and energy necessary for all living beings to thrive

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Wellbeing On The Table

Life is getting busier, and families want tasty food without spending too much time in the kitchen

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Exploring The Crucial Role Of The Brain Stem In Neurological Health

When we think about the brain, we often picture the cerebrum, the wrinkled outer layer responsible for complex cognitive functions ...

Prioritizing Self-Care Amidst Demanding Schedules In Aviation

One significant aspect of promoting wellness in aviation is the implementation of ergonomic design principles in aircraft interiors...

Sustainable Development In Real Estate

Exploring the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into real estate projects, including eco-friendly design, energy efficiency, and green...

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

Charting the Future: Insights and innovations from International Arogya 2024 ...

From Cubicles To Calm: Reimagining The Indian Office For Mental Wellbeing

While some thrive in this environment, many feel perpetually overwhelmed, leading to depleted energy, irritability, poor concentration, and diminishin...

Daily Meditation Habits For Wellness

Meditation has long been recognized as a powerful tool for promoting overall well-being ...

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