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Sanjivani Paranteral Limited And Hindustan Antibiotics Limited Collaborate

This collaboration is to manufacture IV formulations and IV Sets

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Blood Transfusion Requirements Are Decreased With Iron Infusion Prior To Bowel Surgery

Anaemia is a common issue in individuals undergoing colon surgery due to gastrointestinal bleeding and blood loss during the procedure

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The Significance Of Practical And Theoretical Knowledge In Medical Education

In the realm of medical education, the debate between practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge has persisted for decades

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Quest Global Chooses Treeni As Partner For Sustainability Journey

The collaboration between Quest Global and Treeni is aligned to the global commitment to combat climate change

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ImPaCCT Foundation, Tata Memorial Centre Hosts Workshop

The workshop was for paediatric cancer patients for HOPE 2023

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Transforming Markets For Better Nutrition

The Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI) unveiled the 3rd Edition of India Nutrition Index

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You Care Lifestyle Announces The Launch Of You Balance Powder

This is breakthrough in immunity and metabolic health support

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Launch Of Aayush Bharat Sehat Helpline: Revolutionizing Access to Ayush Healthcare

The AayushBharat Sehat Helpline is a one-stop destination catering to various healthcare needs

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Climate Change Is An Urgent Threat To Pregnant Women And Children

The year 2023 has been marked by a series of devastating climate disasters

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Research Reveals How Climate Change Could Affect Brain

A new aspect of climate change's destruction is emerging: how global warming affects the human brain

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Researchers Discover New Methods To Identify Bacteria More Easily

Curing bacterial illnesses is getting increasingly difficult because antibiotics are one of our most powerful weapons in the fight against them...

Researchers Give More Insight Into Connection Between Neuroinflammation And Alzheimer's

Neuroinflammation is important to monitor in people with neurodegenerative diseases, but it can be difficult to detect, especially in the early stages...

Do You Know Brain Waves Present During Sleep Can Protect Against Epileptic Activity?

The electrodes were placed in the patients' brain to localise abnormal activity and inform surgical treatment...

Common Headaches Associated With Neck Inflammation: Research

The distinct underlying causes of primary headaches are still not fully understood. The most common primary headaches are tension-type headaches and m...

How To Restore Nerve Cells After Injury: Research

Researchers discovered that the protein Mitf aids in the activation of the repair function of the nervous system's specialist Schwann cells...

Vitamin D Medicine Do Not Protect Children From Bone Fractures: Study

After three years on vitamin D, children in Mongolia saw no reduction in bone-fracture risk nor increased bone strength. ...

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