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Cleanse Your Surroundings: Aura Reading

Aura reading is a therapeutic method that interprets and treats symptoms based on the colors of the aura, which is a person's vital energy field

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How to Awaken Your Spirituality By Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra can improve your spiritual connection and offer wisdom and insight when it is open

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A ‘Vedic Psychiatrist’ - HG Gauranga Das Shares Wellbeing Anecdotes

Stress, anxiety, depression and lack of perfect mental health are difficult triggers to which everyone can relate in some way, but rarely do we think of learning the art of overcoming these hurdles

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Conscious Wellness With Miracle Moringa

The ability to listen to your body and take care of it for a long-term gain and not short-term pleasure, is conscious wellness

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Wellness Is A Holistic Domain

Wellness is a state of being in good health, which encompasses physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual health

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A Monk Who Sold His Maserati To Find Inner Peace

In the pursuit of happiness, we always have an outward look and try to find happiness in what we call in Buddhism, a compounded phenomenon, stated, his eminence the 8th Choekyong Palga Rinpoche

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“Purpose Is Very Essential To Human Life” – Dahryn Trivedi

Dahryn Trivedi emphasised on the fact that without purpose there is no life and this is something that is inherent to nature created through nature itself

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From Hollywood To Himalayas: Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati Tells About Significance Of Soul

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati at BW Wellbeing 40 Under 40 Awards speaks about the wholeness of the soul, and one must live satisfying his soul not just body

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Forces Of Entropy Kills A Human Being: Dr Mickey Mehta

Cleansing, purifying, regulating, and fortifying is what's just needed for longevity, says Dr Mickey Mehta

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Awakening Consciousness Through Gem Therapy

Pandit Dr RK Sharma on BW Wellbeing 40 Under 40 Awards speaks about significance of gems in our life, and how does gem therapy helps uplifting our energies and consciousness

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"My Primary Objective Is To Bring Mental Health Into The Limelight" - Gordon McInally

BW Wellbeing World in conversation with Rotary International President Elect Gordon McInally (2023-24) ...

Stay True To Your Guru

Guru, a term denoting one who brings light and eliminates darkness, holds the key to enlightenment by dispelling the shadows that hinder your path tow...

Kidney Disease In Elderly People

Unique challenges and optimizing care for aging patients...

Environmental Certifications In Real Estate

In the realm of real estate, environmental certifications are optional initiatives that evaluate and certify the sustainability and environmental effi...

Cultural Celebrations And Wellbeing

Exploring the impact of Indian festivals and rituals on mental health and social connections ...

Work-Life Balance In India

Analyzing the impact of work-related stress on overall health and wellbeing ...

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