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How Spirituality Contributes To A Sense Of Purpose And Fulfilment

Spirituality is the science of the spirit, the Atman, the Soul. It helps us to discover who we are, not the body, mind and ego, but the Soul, a Spark Of Unique Life

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The Concept Of Enlightenment

Exploring the idea of transcending the self and achieving a higher state of consciousness

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Stay True To Your Guru

Guru, a term denoting one who brings light and eliminates darkness, holds the key to enlightenment by dispelling the shadows that hinder your path towards illumination

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Unlocking The Power Of Wellness: Strategies For A Thriving Life

Yoga and spirituality practise promotes your physical, mental, and emotional well-being in addition to your spiritual well-being

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Spirituality Is An Active Practice

Incorporating spirituality into your daily routine is essential to reap its endless benefits

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What Is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a journey to light the light within

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You Get Happiness When You Give It To Others

As in the past, about a thousand respondents in 150 countries were asked to evaluate on a scale of 1 to 10 as to how happy they are with life currently

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Understanding The Journey Towards Spiritual Awakening

Just like we switch on a light in a room to dispel the darkness, we switch on the light within to eradicate the ignorance we live in

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The Role Of Meditation In Spiritual Enlightenment

Meditation is an important spiritual practice and a technique for inner growth

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How To Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment By Overcoming The Self

Getting rid of our ego helps in our spiritual evolution

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Novel Approaches For Anticipating Outcomes In Pregnancies With Foetal Complications

Improved prediction of which pregnancies are likely to result in stillbirth, neonatal death, or extremely preterm delivery will aid in identifying the...

ISKCON's World Holy Name Week And Bhadra Poornima Celebration

The celebration concludes along with over 15,000 Bhagavata Purana Sets distributed ...

Amrita University Unveils Groundbreaking Research Projects During Amma's Birthday Celebration

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma) —spiritual leader, humanitarian and visionary—was born on 3rd October, 1953 in a remote coastal village in Kerala...

Genetics Helps Explain Childhood Cancer: Study

The findings, which will help with genetic counselling were published in The Lancet Oncology....

The Power Of Mindfulness: A Secret Weapon For Competitive Exam Success

Being fully present when studying, rather than letting the mind wander, can lead to more efficient learning and better recall during exams...

Spiritual Well-Being And Mental Health

Discussing the connection between spiritual well-being and mental health and exploring practices that promote both ...

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