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The Power Of Forgiveness In Spiritual Healing

Forgiveness enable us to let go of past hurt and move towards a more enlightened state of being

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Adult Friendships Can Overcome Childhood Trauma: Study

"It's like the saying from the King James Apocrypha, 'a faithful friend is the medicine of life,'" said senior author Susan Alberts, professor of biology and evolutionary anthropology at Duke University

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Essence At Cente Of Similarity-attraction Effect: Study

Chu found that when someone believes an essence drives their interests, likes, and dislikes, they presume the same is true for others as well. If they locate someone with a single similar interest, they anticipate that person will share their larger worldview

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Study Defines Children's Shyness And Its Meaning

The findings showed that approximately 10 percent of children in our study showed social stress reactivity to the speech on behavioral, affective, and physiological levels, and also had a pattern of relatively higher, stable parent-reported temperamental shyness across time, providing evidence that

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Why Do We Fall For Particular People?

We tend to prefer people who are similar to us; this phenomenon is known as the similarity-attraction effect

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25,000 Plus Events Toward Pro-Planet Actions Across Country

Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 20 October 2022 at Kevadia, Gujarat. Mission LiFE focuses on bringing about behaviour changes in individuals for combatting climate change

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Smartwatches Could Detect Higher Risk Of Heart Failure: Study

The researchers identified ECG recordings containing extra heartbeats which are usually benign but, if they occur frequently, are linked to conditions such as heart failure and arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats)

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A Glimpse Of BW Wellbeing Festival Happenings

All awards (BW Wellbeing 30 Under 30, 40 Under 40) aim to recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of young professionals and emerging leaders in the wellbeing industry

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BW Wellbeing World's 2nd Annual Conclave To Launch On April 5

To deliver insights on this, BW Wellbeing has curated an exciting line-up of speakers who are experts in the fields of immunity, mental wellbeing, harmony nad abundance, physical fitness and technology who will be indulging in decisions concerning every prospect of wellbeing, covering the latest inn

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Amrita Hospital Set For C20 Summit On Integrated Holistic Health

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organisation, will address the delegates virtually

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Nutrition And Wellbeing: Nourishing The Body, Enriching The Soul

Nutrition plays a vital role in our overall wellbeing...

Employee Well-Being And Psychological Safety Key Concerns In The Workplace

Gi Group Holding India's research surveyed 500+ employers and 1000+ employees in major Indian cities: Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, NCR, Hydera...

Yoga Techniques For Depression And Mental Health

Major depressive disorder, sometimes known as depression, is a significant medical condition that frequently affects people's feelings, thoughts, and ...

Overcoming Burnout: Strategies For Replenishing Mental Energy

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, burnout has become a common phenomenon that affects individuals across various domains of life...

EatFit And HRX By Hrithik Roshan Unveil Offline Stores

This will reinforce the strength of their partnership in promoting healthier lifestyles ...

The Holistic Approach To Care Is Taking Centre Stage In The Health Sector

The blanket term ‘Alternative healing practices’ encompasses a plethora of options ...

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