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65% Of Mother Doctors Experience Burnout Maintaining Work-life Balance

Additionally, a substantial 41 per cent of doctor moms have experienced workplace discrimination based on their dual roles as doctors and mothers

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Global Rise In Mental Disorders

Mental health has become an increasingly important topic in recent years, with more people seeking help and paying more attention to the importance of mental well-being

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How Extreme Heat Affects Your Mental Health

As we approach the torrid summer months, many of us are busy getting our air conditioners serviced to enjoy a safe summer ahead

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The Impact Of Stress On Health

Chronic stress can negatively impact physical and mental health

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Rise Of Depression Amongst Young Adults In India

There has been a growing concern over the rise of depression amongst young adults in India

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Running Can Be Therapeutic For Our Mental Health

Cardiovascular exercises are already encouraged as part of the treatment for many mental health problems such as anxiety and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

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10 Ways To Prioritise Mental Wellness This World Health Day

The event aims to mobilise India for better sanitation and reinforce awareness on how hygiene and access to toilets form the backbone of a healthy society

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Mental Health: The Need For Acceptance In Youngsters

Mental health awareness has improved compared to the recent past, but addressing it for the path ahead in the lives of youngsters requires more attention

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People With Traumatic Childhood Often Grow-up To Be Angry Adults: Study

More than 40 per cent of patients with both anxiety and depression were shown to be prone to anger, according to earlier research

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Prioritising Mental Health Through Healthy Lifestyle Measures And Homeopathy

The preparation for the upcoming meetings is going on in full swing with the government exploring every aspect of management

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"My Primary Objective Is To Bring Mental Health Into The Limelight" - Gordon McInally

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Cultural Celebrations And Wellbeing

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Work-Life Balance In India

Analyzing the impact of work-related stress on overall health and wellbeing ...

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