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Fear Of Childbirth Intensified By Covid-19 Pandemic

The results showed that 62 per cent of participants had clinically high levels of childbirthfear, also known as "tokophobia

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Physical Activity Is Critical For Post-Stroke Recovery: Study

The results show that increased or maintained physical activity, with four hours' exercise weekly, doubled the patients' chances of recovering well by six months after a stroke

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Healthy Diet Linked With Greater Fitness In Middle-aged Adults

While exercise improves cardiorespiratory fitness, there are disparities in fitness among persons who exercise the same amount, indicating that other factors have a role

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ICMR and AYUSH Ministry Sign MoU For Health Research In Integrated Medicine

The MoA also envisages exploring possibility with Ministry of Ayush and ICMR to work on public health research initiatives for addressing diseases of national importance

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Sleep Apnea, Lack Of Deep Sleep Associated With Stroke Risk

The study looked at sleep factors and biomarkers of the health of the brain's white matter. The biomarkers measure how well the brain's white matter is preserved, which is important to connect different parts of the brain

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Liver Transplantation - Is It Ever A Good Idea?

The liver is the largest organ in your body. In good health, your liver helps fight infections and cleans your blood

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Importance Of Lifestyle Modifications In Preventing Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle modifications, which involve making positive changes to one's lifestyle choices, can help prevent the development of diseases

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Wellness Is All About Balance And Being In Touch With How You Feel: Mira Kapoor

The first step to wellbeing isn’t what is outside, it is being in touch with how you feel. It is a relationship you as an individual have with the environment outside," says Mira Kapoor

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I Breathe Through My Workout: Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala has been the fitness trainer of several young actresses in the film industry who shared the actual and pragmatic way of inculcating physical fitness and nutrition in our lives

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Navigating Online Health Information: Insights From Experts In India

Many Indians turn to Google to seek information about their health and wellness, but the reliability of the content they find is often questionable

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BW Wellbeing World in conversation with Rotary International President Elect Gordon McInally (2023-24) ...

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Unique challenges and optimizing care for aging patients...

Environmental Certifications In Real Estate

In the realm of real estate, environmental certifications are optional initiatives that evaluate and certify the sustainability and environmental effi...

Cultural Celebrations And Wellbeing

Exploring the impact of Indian festivals and rituals on mental health and social connections ...

Work-Life Balance In India

Analyzing the impact of work-related stress on overall health and wellbeing ...

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