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Author, Emotional & Mental Well-being Coach and YouTube Edumentor

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Cultivating Acceptance

Acceptance involves acknowledging and coming to terms with the reality of what you had and lost, or what you hoped for but it didn't happen

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How Extreme Heat Affects Your Mental Health

As we approach the torrid summer months, many of us are busy getting our air conditioners serviced to enjoy a safe summer ahead

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Why Emotional Wellbeing Is So Important : Interview With Suzy Singh

In people who habitually avoid feeling emotions, these are repetitively trapped and made stronger, causing their life force energy to deplete, resulting in chronic exhaustion

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Workhours had spiraled out of control and he was ready to quit. So many executives are currently stuck in the annoying ‘work from home trap’ and are seeking ways to free themselves

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The Covert Significance of COVID 19

While there have been several more dangerous threats to our survival, this one has been endowed with higher visibility and a more urgent call to action

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One In Seven Male Gym Goers Consider Impact On Fertility: Research

Female participants meanwhile were more aware of the impact of gym lifestyle on male fertility....

High ‘Good Cholesterol’ Levels Are Linked To Increased Risk of Dementia: Study

Extremely high levels of HDL-C associated with dementia risk were unusual, unrelated to food, and more likely to be indicative of a metabolic conditio...

Exploring How Scientific Discoveries Can Deepen Our Understanding Of Spiritual Concepts

Spirituality makes us realize that the soul is a spark of unique life, the life energy that we all have...

Brain Waves Detected During Sleep Can Protect Against Epileptic Activity: Study

The study shows that slow waves present in the brain can protect against epilepsy's heightened brain excitability...

Debunking Myths Around Suicide

Just like any other social issue, prevention work needs to start with a thorough understanding of the issue. Unfortunately, conversations around suici...

From Chaos To Calm: My Spiritual Awakening With Guruji

Rahul Dev shares his journey of spirituality in this materialistic world that has been a source of fulfilling life ...

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