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How to manage your stress, anxiety during this lockdown?

During such a trying time, it is important to keep in mind that without a sense of purpose, you could steer yourself towards depression, anxiety and other disturbing conditions

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Mindfulness tips to cope with Coronavirus

It is important that we apply the practice of mindfulness to our daily lives, to actively shape, and guide our evolution

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Well-being, Calming and Mindfulness Skills

Yoga is an ancient tradition which teaches us lessons on mindful living. Through the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation etc. yoga and spirituality helps us to remain in the present moment, and prepares us to take whatever life throws at us one step at a time

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Mindfulness and well-being for women – Habits for wellness

Women are those divine beings that unflinchingly put others above themselves. Right from their physical anatomy to their psychological makeup, they are designed to care for others

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Mindfulness - Finding Peace

When you stay connected to the present moment without drifting either into the future or float into the memories of your past, then you are successfully practising the art of mindful living

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How To Put Your Mental Health First This Year

Through asanas and pranayama, we can keep the body healthy and in good shape. When the body is devoid of disease, illness or limitations, then the mind is freed of this burden and given a chance for better health itself.

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A roundup of 2019 of how millennials adopted spirituality

The younger generation are a curious lot, and are open to discussions on multiple faiths. Their sense of wonder makes them receive all their learning in a filtered way. Wise beyond their years, the younger generation is well-read, and prioritise knowledge and information.

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How does spiritual well-being affect the quality of life?

Spirituality becomes that part of one’s self which helps you find meaning, connectedness and purpose in everything that you do. This can be found either in the practice of a philosophy, religion, or way of living.

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Spirituality in Health and Wellness

Even if our physical health is looked after, and we are hale and hearty, our mental state also deserves as much or maybe even more attention. The spiritual element in health and wellness focusses on the mind and spirit’s well-being.

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Yoga And Meditation For Stress Management

Yoga holds the key to any stress-related disorder with asanas for the body, pranayama for the breath and meditation for the mind.

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