Dr. Ajay Rana

Internationally renowned dermatologist, surgeon & aesthetic physician and Founder and Director of ILAMED

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Transformative Advances In Acne Scar Treatment

Unveiling the efficacy of fractional laser technology

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Integrating Under Eye And Lip Filler Technology In Aesthetic Medicine

In the ever-evolving landscape of aesthetic medicine, practitioners are constantly seeking innovative ways to achieve harmonious results for their patients

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Exploring Holistic Approaches

The intersection of cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and migraine management

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CO2 Laser: The Gold Standard Technology For Scar Remodeling

Scars, whether caused by surgery, injury, or skin conditions, can be both a physical and emotional burden for individuals

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Emerging Trends Of Botulinum Toxin And Dermal Fillers In India

The field of aesthetic medicine has witnessed significant growth in recent years, and India is no exception

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Cosmetology And Aesthetic Medicine Advancements In India

In recent years, the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine has witnessed remarkable advancements in scar removal techniques

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Role of Cosmetology And Aesthetic Medicine For Mental Well-Being

Many individuals struggle with their self-esteem due to perceived flaws or insecurities about their appearance

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Poshan Utsav: Celebrating Nutrition

The event aimed to promote good nutrition behaviour and highlighted India's ongoing efforts to combat malnutrition by promoting good nutrition practic...

Navigating The IVF And Mother & Child Landscape In India

The Indian healthcare sector has emerged as a compelling arena for Private Equity (PE) investors ...

A Healthy Approach To Amenorrhea Treatment For Overall Well-Being

Stress is one of the most common issues which can cause amenorrhea...

Conscious Living Fair In Pune

Two Brothers Organic Farms and Protecterra Ecological Foundation have announced the second edition of The Conscious Living Fair 2024 ...

Empowering Employees Through Personalized Well-Being Recognition

By prioritizing well-being in recognition programs, companies demonstrate a commitment to building a sustainable and thriving organization with loyal ...

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