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Desire only that which is beyond you

Your being is beyond you. This means that you are made up of two parts: one is your outgoing face - your senses - your body, your mind, your ego. The ego is sum total of all of these; it reaches outwards.

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Sweet little lies- Cognitive Dissonance

Suppose you buy a new car. However you regret your choice soon afterwards: engine sounds like a jet taking off and you just cannot get comfortable in the drivers seat. What do you do? giving the car back would be an admission of error ( you don't want that !) , and anyway, the dealer probably would not refund all the money.

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Visualize yourself succeeding

Your brain difficult time distinguishing between what you see with your eyes and what you visualise in your mind. Infact, MRI scans of people's brains taken while they are watching the sun set are virtually indistinguishable from scans taken when the same people visualised a  sun set in their mind. The same brain regions are active in both scenarios.

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Conjunction Fallacy

Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman and Amostversky  has studied this extensively. We are easy prey for the conjunction fallacy because we have an inate attraction to " harmonious"or " Plausible" stories. The more convincingly impressively or vividly Chris the aid worker is portrait, the greater the risk of false reasoning.

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Nature always provides to your needs

The vibes of a buddha are very delicate. they cannot penetrate your mountains of unconsciousness. If you are conscious, then only can those delicate vibes penetrate you. They are subtle, they are not violent, they are not aggressive. They will not even knock on  your doors, they will not force entry into you.

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The wisdom that realises egolessness

n just the same way, in Tibetan buddhism there is a basic, normal, elementary spiritual education, a complete spiritual training for the natural Bardo of this life, which gives you the essential vocabulary, the ABC of the mind. The basis of this training are what are called the " three wisdom tools" : the wisdom of listening and hearing; the wisdom of contemplation and reflection, and the wisdom of the meditation.

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Lean into your discomfort

Rather than avoiding a feeling, your goal should be to move towards the emotion, into it , and eventually through it. This can be said for even mild emotional discomfort, such as boredom, confusion, or anticipation. When you ignore or minimise an emotion, no matter how small or significant, you miss the opportunity to do something productive with that feeling.

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How anxiety related to desire ?

One very beautiful man took Sanyaas a few months ago. He has been a con man. The moment I looked into his eyes he became afraid of me. I said, what kind of con man are you? now I am going to con you. I gave him a few groups - he escaped without those groups. He became so frightened ! for months nothing was heard about him.

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Nature is duality you can attain happiness and suffering together

Nature is duality and in a state of duality the sides are always equally balanced, always even. If this were not so, nature would be perverted, every thing will go haywire. So as you are moving more one side, you are gaining momentum to move to the other side. If you wish your reputation to grow, be aware that your notoriety will also grow. It goes along with it.

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Desires have not to be dropped but to be used to grow consciousness

The work that one has to do upon self consists in taking back from the robot, de-automatising processes. And you will be surprised: if you de-automatise any process great awareness is released.

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