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Know who and what pushes your buttons

If your modus operandi is more subtle ( Or you really would like part of that stage yourself), A person like that may really eat at you. When you go into a meeting with great ideas and a readiness to just sit down and get straight to the point, a drama queen who is creating a stage in the board room is bound to flip your switches for frustration and rage.

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There is happiness in absurdity

In Philosophy Camus compared the human condition to the fate of Sisyphus, condemned to push a rock up a hill again and again for all time. An absurd fate - but Camus insisted Sisyphus could be happy.

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We Are The Seeker and The Sought!

As one travels the arduous path of Spirit and Light, it is a must for any seeker to move from Untruth to Truth. To do this one must be consistent, devoted and committed to the Truth Within. Trust is not the output of the ego mind; it is the fragrance of the Soul or Spirit.

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Ethics as the science of Happiness

What are the criteria that qualify an act as good or bad? Buddhist ethics is not just ways of acting, But a way of being. A human being endowed with loving kindness, compassion, and wisdom will spontaneously act in an ethical way because he or she is good at hear

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Understanding the responsibility of being free

But Frederich Nietzsche statement is only half: Nobody has tried to make it complete. It looks complete, but Frederich  Nietzsche was not aware that there are religions in the world that have no God, Yet even those religions man is not free. He was not aware of Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism - the most profound religions of all.

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Insightful moments at the bedside of the dying

" Do you think God will ever forgive me for my sins? " My friend had no idea at all how to respond; her training had left her completely unprepared for any spiritual questions. She had nothing to say; or she had to hide behind was her professional status as a doctor.

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Hope is defined by pschychologist as the conviction as one can find the means to attain one's goal and develop the motivation necessary to do so.

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Take control of your self talk

It is impossible to try and track every single thought you have to see if it is having a positive or negative influence on your emotional state. The thoughts that are most influential are those where you literally talk to yourself.

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Energy and understanding: the journey from lust to loving

And I am not saying be against sex, no. But let sex be more a subjective phenomenon than objective phenomenon. And that is the difference between sex and love. Love is subjective, sex is objective.

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Reducing Stress On T Cells Improves Their Ability To Fight Cancer: Study

The researchers focused on sympathetic nerves that innervate our organs and produce the messenger hormone noradrenaline, which is also a stress hormon...

Study Finds Model That Improves Hydrogen Station Availability

Stations that close for unannounced maintenance decrease customer access to hydrogen and may hinder the adoption of these sorts of fuel cell electric ...

Cough Sound Analysis Help To Determine Severity Of Covid-19 Patients

The research involved smartphone recordings of voluntary coughing sounds from 70 patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection...

The Impact Of Work-Life Balance On Mental Health

In this modern chaotic as well as demanding environment, maintaining the right balance in between both personal and professional life seems more chall...

Four Fundamental Norms Of Building A Wellbeing Future-Ready Workplace Culture

The past few years have brought about positive changes in the way employers and employees interact...

Study Outlines Tobacco Use In Pregnant, Lactating Indian Women

The researchers recommend the development of innovative health promotion and communication strategies, including media campaigns, to raise awareness a...

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