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When vividly aware through some particular sense, keep in the awareness

I touch you, I give you a loving touch, a hand clasp. The hand is not touching you, I am touching you through the hand. The hand is just instrumental, so there can be two types of touch - when I really touch you and when I just avoid touch.

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Concern for the other

he importance of this trait becomes clear in the debate over so called ' Empathy Marketing' during the past decade, empathy has become a popular concept in the advertising and marketing industries, where it tends to be seen in purely instrumental terms.

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Managing Sufferings

Neurologically, we know, emotional reactions to pain vary significantly from person to person, and a considerable percentage of pain sensation is linked to the anxious desire to suppress it.

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You are part of the harmony so obey the laws of the  harmony

In childhood you experienced joy in running after a butterfly, and that experience of joy is still there, present within you, And when you fell in love for the first time in your life and experienced a great, over flowing feeling of joy - that too is still present within you.

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Detach yourself from your body

This has been so long, so continuous that you have forgotten that you are different from it. This is a forgetfulness - natural, bound to happen in the circumstances - hence the attachment.

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Hopelessness disappears from the life who has heard the inner music

Hope means that now, where ever he is in life, the seeker sees a ray of hope. If the night is very dark, he sees that the dawning of the day is closed. If the skies are full of black clouds he says, " How wonderful the flash of lightening will be!" If suffering comes to him he says, "Let us wait a  little; happiness must be just around the corner.

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Reducing Stress On T Cells Improves Their Ability To Fight Cancer: Study

The researchers focused on sympathetic nerves that innervate our organs and produce the messenger hormone noradrenaline, which is also a stress hormon...

Study Finds Model That Improves Hydrogen Station Availability

Stations that close for unannounced maintenance decrease customer access to hydrogen and may hinder the adoption of these sorts of fuel cell electric ...

Cough Sound Analysis Help To Determine Severity Of Covid-19 Patients

The research involved smartphone recordings of voluntary coughing sounds from 70 patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection...

The Impact Of Work-Life Balance On Mental Health

In this modern chaotic as well as demanding environment, maintaining the right balance in between both personal and professional life seems more chall...

Four Fundamental Norms Of Building A Wellbeing Future-Ready Workplace Culture

The past few years have brought about positive changes in the way employers and employees interact...

Study Outlines Tobacco Use In Pregnant, Lactating Indian Women

The researchers recommend the development of innovative health promotion and communication strategies, including media campaigns, to raise awareness a...

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