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The ten emotions of Power for scripting a successful life

If we study the life of successful persons we find that they have very strong power of positive emotions in their character and that helps them to go on scripting a successful life which is not measured by material gains alone

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Mindful Goals bring success in life

If the goal has the purpose that is meaningful to you, then you are more likely to feel inspired and want to take action.  On the other hand. you might be worried about the time it is going to take to achieve your goals.

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Stomach is the centre of our Psychology and Physiology

The Navel is the contact point between psychology and physiology, The navel is the very source of our emotional wellness. so if the musculature becomes rock like around the navel, you become very divided. Your mind and body become separate; then they are almost two things, with no bridge. 

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"Morning Shows the Day" the emotional wellness sutras

Morning shows the day! Let us become mindful that we are beginning a new journey. Bring the lessons and good memories of the past, and let the future blossom out of our awareness of the gift of life and the moment. Live it totally without any regrets!

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Love has its own meditation

A wow can be helpful if taken in a very relaxed, deeply meditative mood. Otherwise you are simply showing your anger, your frustration and nothing else, and you will forget the wow within twenty four hours. The energy will have come again, and just as an old routine you will have to release it.

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Can Meghan Survive Bizarre Rules of the Royal Family?

She must dress prim and proper in public. All dressed must be knee length, not a strand of hair out of place, no heavy makeup with dark lipstick and nail polish. Always formal. Cleavage? Certainly not. But Princess Diana got around it by holding her clutch to her chest when getting out of cars in order to avoid the royal faux pas.

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If mind becomes centre of our being it creates split personality

Man has turned upside down; by putting all the weight into the head, he has gone into a headstand. And with each passing day, we go on increasing the weight. When we send our children to school, they come back home merely with a little more weight in their heads. They are not able to learn anything else there.

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The sin and shame of the world are your sin and shame too

Some one who feels that he is an integral part of this world, and that all its sins and good deeds are attributable to him, is moving towards true religiousness. He has no condemnation for anyone because to condemn the other is to condemn himself.

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EatFit And HRX By Hrithik Roshan Unveil Offline Stores

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