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Moving towards values

We call these pleasurable states that we value most moving toward values because these are the emotional states we will do the most to attain. What are some of the feelings that are most important to experience in your life on a consistent basis?

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Meditation reveals the reality

Meditation does not create anything at all. Meditation reveals. What does it reveal? that which is real, that which is authentic, that which is true. Lies are created. Untruth is created. Reality can never be created - it is as it is.

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Do not make efforts to make things happen

People say, " When will we get enlightenment"? When? " If they are told,"Now" they cannot believe. And I tell  you now. If you miss this now, then other now - but always now. There is no other time.

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Managing Sufferings

Neurologically, we know, emotional reactions to pain vary significantly from person to person, And a considerable percentage of pain sensation is linked to the anxious desire to suppress it. If we allow that anxiety to overwhelm our mind, the most benign pain soon become unbearable

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Understanding the power of Willpower

It is all down to your brains prefrontal cortex. This part of your brain is largely responsible for your willpower, but it is also the area that deals with your short term memory; helping  you to solve abstract problems and keep focused. It would appear that it cannot do both.

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You are just an speck of dust who is not needed in existence

Love gives you the feeling of being needed. That is why in Love one becomes or feels less afraid. Whenever Love is not there you become more fearful, and in fear, as a protection, you become hateful. Hate is a protection.

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Reducing Stress On T Cells Improves Their Ability To Fight Cancer: Study

The researchers focused on sympathetic nerves that innervate our organs and produce the messenger hormone noradrenaline, which is also a stress hormon...

Study Finds Model That Improves Hydrogen Station Availability

Stations that close for unannounced maintenance decrease customer access to hydrogen and may hinder the adoption of these sorts of fuel cell electric ...

Cough Sound Analysis Help To Determine Severity Of Covid-19 Patients

The research involved smartphone recordings of voluntary coughing sounds from 70 patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection...

The Impact Of Work-Life Balance On Mental Health

In this modern chaotic as well as demanding environment, maintaining the right balance in between both personal and professional life seems more chall...

Four Fundamental Norms Of Building A Wellbeing Future-Ready Workplace Culture

The past few years have brought about positive changes in the way employers and employees interact...

Study Outlines Tobacco Use In Pregnant, Lactating Indian Women

The researchers recommend the development of innovative health promotion and communication strategies, including media campaigns, to raise awareness a...

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