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Nature and Nurture are important to build Grit

We all know and more importantly believe that human being are born with a DNA. Now DNA comes to us as a thing that could not be changed no matter what efforts we made. Adding to it, is a comfortable acceptance of what is given to us by nature

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Do we really want our children to be happy?

What are we teaching them in schools and colleges? are we teaching them happiness? we are giving birth their to sad, serious faces. We are producing a person who is sad and serious, for whom life is not a play, but a burden.

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What is Tantra

Tantra is not like Yoga as it does not suggest any asanas to learn. Tantra transcends all this and teaches a life of affirmation--accept life, embrace life--from the lowest rung of the ladder to the highest rung of the ladder--from sex to super-consciousness.

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The crisis of conversation

This crisis matters for the future of empathy. Why? because conversation is one of the essential ways in which we come to understand the inner emotional light and ideas of others.

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A beautiful, righteous, and wise life is possible if you are happy 

Through interplay of the laws of cause and effect, which buddhism call Karma - the laws governing the consequences of our actions - ethics are therefore intimately linked to well-being.

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Witnessing helps in breaking the rotation in living

That witness is your innermost being. That witness is the deepest manifestation of your life. Right now you are standing on your periphery. You can make a mistake, but that witness cannot make a mistake.

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The moment you desire nirvana it becomes ordinary desire

Every desire is a bondage. Even if you desire God, it is a bondage; Even if you desire liberation it is a bondage. And liberation cannot happen unless this desiring goes away totally.

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Yoga Today: New Dimensions

Yoga has been very popular in the west ever since the western world became aware of the wonderful teachings of Sri Vivekananda, Swami Ramateertha, Sri Aurobindo and some other prominent Yogis who traveled to the western countries.

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Restorative Yoga : The power of relaxing and healing

Restorative Yoga is a science of deep relaxation through yoga practices. The Headstand (Sirsasana) posture is dream of every yoga practitioner and is one of the most widely recognized advanced poses of yoga.

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Radical Listening resolve potential conflicts

One of the most useful skills for getting beyond these obstacles is listening. Studs Terkel was a great fan of it. so is personal development guru Stephen Covey, who points out that while we spent years learning to read, write and speak, most of us dedicate little time to becoming better listeners.

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EatFit And HRX By Hrithik Roshan Unveil Offline Stores

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The Holistic Approach To Care Is Taking Centre Stage In The Health Sector

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