Working On Transformation Is Key To A Happy Life

Dr. Hansaji Yogendra is a life coach and a yoga Guru who has helped a lot of people through her education and maturity

Dr. Hansaji Yogendra has understood completely that we have no control on the external world. In conversation with Team BW she explains the basics of how we are responsible for our own lives, and how we should lead it with awareness in a very holistic manner.

You are responsible for your life

We have to understand that our life is not going to be understood by others. Education is key. We need to change our perception of life and reset our life. For example, if I look at something from one angle, another person might be looking at it from a completely different angle. This might make us upset which is a natural phenomenon but some people say that others are rude as they might not know how to behave lovingly. Holistic education is very important.

Looking beyond other’s visions

Opinions of others do not hurt me at all even though we should listen to everything that is said to us. We can’t react by rejecting others. We need to grow in a continuous manner. We cannot oppose everyone but we should just listen to them openly and in the end just listen to ourselves. There is nothing that is wrong, everything has its own place in the world.

Holistic living with Yoga

Yoga has always been a major part of my life. Yoga’s basic definition is – complete mastery of our mind. If we can master our thoughts and senses and not misunderstand that yoga is for physical fitness, which is actually just a by-product or side effect. The importance of yoga is utmost as it controls our mind and how we can master it. Yoga is journey of self-development. We are the doers and are responsible for all our actions. Yoga has deep psychology, philosophy and technology – like meditation, Asanas, Pranayams, Kriyas, etc. which are actually technology in simple terms and it is not the true form of yoga if we talk about yoga as a whole new way of living. It has become popular all around the world under the name of yoga but the psychology and philosophy part has been forgotten.

Healing ourselves

Healing is within us. We can understand it with the right frame of mind. Yoga teaches us to heal ourselves and even though it is easy to get upset when we might have physical pain, but we never focus on the root cause of that pain. Sleeping early is key to have a good immune system and also no pain occurs. Sleeping well is a very important practice.


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