What Effect Will Rise In Covid Cases Again Have On Workforce

With covid-19 on the rise again, it’s best that we educate ourselves about the potential obstacles that we may face

Business strategic resilience has been put to the test by the covid-19 pandemic since the past three years. It was an unpleasant awakening for many organisations, as the vigor of the organisations were put to test but it also provided abundant opportunities to showcase resilience.

Innovative business strategies that were less explored earlier took the front seat and the world witnessed a very adaptable community, determined and focused to bring change. As organisations navigated this volatile period of myriad challenges, they have been bracing themselves for the unforeseen tests in future as well. With covid-19 on the rise again, it’s best that we educate ourselves about the potential obstacles that we may face. 

Wellbeing of the employees and their families is truly central to business strategising. This has been foundationally acknowledged by the leadership across industries. The major shift in perception that was observed in the pandemic was that employees prioritise health over their duties. 

Covid-19 brings with it an imminent threat to life and the fear of losing loved ones. Hence, a rise in the frequency of sick leaves and more employees calling in sick can also be anticipated. This forthcoming uncertainty and the need to keep oneself and one’s loved ones’ safe can also cause immense stress and anticipation anxiety in the workforce. 

The emotional wellbeing of the employees can also be stirred by periods of widespread job insecurity. Various facets of professional security can go awry, such as the loss of job or loss of features of job, pay cut, and unprecedented recessions. Such unanticipated antecedents can have an effect on the mental health outcomes of both the leaders and the workforce. Anxiety, depressive symptoms, job insecurities and loneliness are some of the major emotional challenges the workforce might have to overcome. The barriers certainly disturb the financial stability of all personnel and organizations, which again elevates the emotional concerns, forming a vicious loop. 

The onset of covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns had brought the corporate workspace to a standstill, giving rise to the introduction of the hybrid workplace model. Ever since the news of surge in covid caseload has risen, many employees have been trying to reinvent and accommodate the new normal. As the economy pushes for pre-pandemic growth, the workforce is increasingly demanding the embraced hybrid working system. Due to transitions in remote and hybrid working environments, there has been a disconnect between leaders and employees.

These barriers add on to the leader’s helplessness as the recent times suggesting them to take a comprehensive approach to employee’s holistic wellbeing.This includes both remedial and preventive actions like flexible work schedules, workload management, and mental health services despite the minimum resources at hand.

However, these challenges will prevail as long as the cause persists. When long-term investments began to pay off during the epidemic, the conscious organisations which had strategised around their wellness and human resources well during the pandemic, became more resilient, compassionate and empathetic in their capacity to survive adversity.

Life brings changes and alterations at every phase, therefore leaders have started to practice conscious leadership to create comprehensive crisis response, conduct regular crisis and scenario simulations with key decision makers across functions and departments- in a similar manner. 

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