Wellness in the time of Corona

First things first, look after yourself, create your me time, ironical as it may sound, working from home means most of us have a lot less to ourselves

Our lives have been changed by the impact of the Covid-19 for over 3 months now. Our way of life may well have changed irrevocably. But our fundamental wellness and fitness needs remain the same, all that has changed is how we approach the ‘new normal’. I sometimes feel as I am on a looped recording as I keep repeating the same mantra, key lies in balance. Balancing our wants and obligations towards safety, facing our fears and fulfilling our fundamental needs and staying sane while juggling all of this.

First things first, look after yourself, create your me time, ironical as it may sound, working from home means most of us have a lot less to ourselves. Work and family all the time within the same 4 walls can be pretty overwhelming , and it is essential that you have certain boundaries about your time. If you are not very proficient when it comes to working out find yourself a good online service where you can have your interactive workouts with proper supervision, if you can, buy your workout basics online, and stay equipped. Work on your basics, and keep your focus and do the simple things well and keep your workouts safe. A healthy and pain-free body will ensure that you will be in better mental and physical shape to face all the uncertainties. Think of your body as a ecosystem where a pain free body, a calm mind and emotional stability help you perform optimally. I like throwing spirituality into the mix as a binding agent between the three. While we live in the physical body, we are not just the body, while we having an intellect and emotions, we are not just that but the body hosts emotions and intellect of our invisible spiritual self . Which means, we are not only looking at physical fitness we are also looking at spiritual fitness as well. I like efficiency in all I do, so I like to combine meditation with and as an extension of my physical practice resulting in meditation through movement. So how do we start?

First and foremost before starting your exercises, spend few minutes focusing on your breathing and ‘cleansing your space’. Imagine as if all the stress, pain, that which worries you or gives you anxiety gets taken away and melts away. Once you have cleared the space , set an intention of what you want achieved, and dedicate your practice to whatever you wish for. It can be as simple as getting fitter, and dedicating the practice to fitter self, or to something more grand and abstract like World Peace or Healing the World. The purpose of this is to focus your mind and every cell of your body to work towards a goal, only then do your exercising practice as if nothing in the entire world exists for the duration of your workout. After you are done, it is important to close the space by expressing the gratitude towards yourself, acknowledging the effort, and thanking your body for the work which it is doing for you every single day. After that, send healing, love and positivity to everyone and everything around you,. Smile and with that close the session. You will notice that not your physical body will benefit but this workout will calm you down and provide you connectivity with your higher self.

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