Wellness Trends That Are Only Set To Grow In 2022

The truth is that everybody has to go, this world is just a show.

Everybody is talking about the ‘new normal’, but in reality, it is actually the ‘new abnormal’. We are living with fear, worry and stress, each day of our lives. We are just following the herd, not exercising our own intellect, not being rational. Consequently, there is no wellbeing in the world today. There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times. We are living in the midst of a pandemic, confronted with a virus, because of which the whole world keeps shutting down. How long can we continue living in fear? Enough is enough. A transformation, in 2022, is inevitable. 2020 is gone, 2021 is over. We cannot permit 2022 to become another year that passes away in anxiety, lost opportunities and stress. We cannot afford to lose 2022 too.

We must sit up and look at the reality. What is the world going to wake up to tomorrow? First it was Covid, then Delta and now, Omicron. Is there any guarantee that this is the end? That the virus will no longer mutate, that there will be no more variants? No. We have to face the hard reality. We have to live with it. We have to be enlightened with the truth. Mahatma Gandhi said, 'More people die of the Fear of disease than of disease itself.' Fear is a False Expectation Appearing Real and we must transcend it.

First of all, from just being a material world, it is time that the world evolves spiritually. Our focus must shift to living a spiritual life. We must look at the reality of life and death — the fact that this world is just an illusion, that life is just like a dream, that death is certain, that everybody will die. If not a virus, then a tsunami, or a plane crash may kill us, or we may just die sleeping in our bed — there will be something or the other that will cause us to die. The truth is that everybody has to go, this world is just a show. It’s time we understand and accept this and realize that life and death are beyond our control. When we are born, when we will die is truly beyond us.

Next, is the magnitude of the fear that we are dealing with. Needless to say, people have fears, different kinds of phobias. Some have aerophobia. They refuse to travel by air, and hence, limit their experiences. Some have acrophobia — people are afraid of heights. Others have claustrophobia — fear of closed spaces. Now, to add to that list is Coronaphobia. There has never been a phobia that amounts to near hysteria. The world has to wake up. We must realize that we cannot mix precaution with panic. Of course, we need to exercise precaution, we must follow safety protocols and everybody must do what they must. It would be foolish not to mask up, to

be careless and not practice social distancing, or be lax about our hygiene and safety. But there is no point in giving up our life to fear or to Corona and living with alarm and terror. What we can do is to reorient ourselves. We need to adapt to new methods of wellbeing, methods of meditation, of silence, of realization, of consciousness, in order to realize that we are not this body that will die, we are not the mind that we cannot find, we are the Divine Soul. Unfortunately, we are carried away by this world of myth. We do not realize the truth.

Those who truly ‘live’, and not merely exist in 2022, will have new trends to follow, a new paradigm of life. It will be about living with faith, living with surrender, living with Divine acceptance. We cannot allow political leaders and business magnates, who control the production of vaccines and the wellbeing industry of the world, to kidnap us and hold us to ransom for every little thing that happens in this world. Imagine, losing another year of our life! No, it is time to change, to transform, to say: enough is enough. Rather than just relying on vaccines and the medical fraternity, let us try to insulate ourselves from fear, let us take precautions and most importantly, be enlightened about the truth of life. Let us replace fear with faith; stories and hysteria with the truth — the truth about ourselves, life, and this world.

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