Wellness Tech Platform Expands Its Services To India

It partners with RxDx, 2050 Healthcare, and ARTPARK @IISc Bangalore is launching its wellness tech services in India to help patients combat chronic conditions through personalized care. The healthtech platform has collaborated with two leading healthcare players in India - RxDx and 2050 Healthcare and one innovation partner, ARTPARK @IISc Bangalore, to revolutionize the approach to diagnosis in India.

San Diego-based leading wellness tech platform has announced the launch of its personalized services in India and a strategic partnership with renowned healthcare providers in the industry - RxDx and 2050 Healthcare and innovation partner ARTPARK @IISc Bangalore. The Bengaluru-based RxDx, a NABH and NABL-accredited multispeciality healthcare chain, and 2050 Healthcare, a leading healthcare provider specializing in rehabilitation and home healthcare, will help expand its presence in India. ARTPARK @IISc Bangalore, a leading AI and robotics accelerator backed by the Indian Institute of Science, has become’s innovation partner to help it scale growth objectives and achieve its first 10K patients by the end of 2024. The primary goal of this tie-up is to help address gaps in conventional care and combat chronic diseases by providing data-based precision care in India. Through collective efforts, also aims to become a health tool that enables healthcare providers to lower the burden on clinician capacity in India.’s subscription-based healthtech offering is designed to offer AI-based precise and personalized patient care that helps treat and reverse chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. According to WHO, in India, nearly 77 million individuals suffer from type 2 diabetes, and 25 million are at a high risk of developing the condition in the future. On the other hand, only 12% of individuals with hypertension have their blood pressure under control. By developing individual models from data collected via wearables and monitoring devices, the AI platform identifies the root cause of these chronic diseases and guides patients to manage their conditions.’s autonomous AI-based interactions and simple solutions have led to 90% patient engagement and a 5X decrease in the chronic population in the US. Through new strategic collaboration in India, the platform wants to replicate its success in the country. It also aims to help healthcare partners enhance patient care and offer more accurate solutions without upending the heterogeneous lifestyle of Indian patients.

CEO and Founder of, Dr. Sujit Dey, expressed his thoughts on the new exciting developments, stating, "At, we aim to improve personalized care delivery for patients as we understand that effective diagnosis and treatment for chronic conditions is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With the launch of our services in India, we aim to revolutionize how patients approach treatment. I am confident’s commercial partnership with RxDx and 2050

Healthcare and the support of ARTPARK @IISc Bangalore will help us navigate this shift to deliver improved patient outcomes. By working to enhance the Indian healthcare system, we aim to give back to our community.”

Before initiating services in India, launched successful hypertension and diabetes programs in the USA in 2022. The healthtech platform is seeking meaningful partnerships with recognized clinics and hospital systems to enhance its presence in India and strengthen its position in the healthcare domain. The healthtech company plans to expand its focus areas beyond hypertension and diabetes to offer data-based precision care to more chronic diseases.


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