Unveiling Truths And Myths In Tattoo Culture

There is a misconception that an artist's skill correlates with their Instagram followers

There are a myriad of myths surrounding tattoos, from health concerns like skin cancer and HIV transmission to misconceptions about lifestyle choices, restriction in donating blood and pain levels. Interestingly, many of these myths have started to fade away, but there's a new wave of myths emerging from both tattoo artists and clients, particularly in the realm of social media, followers, and trends. Truthfully, some exceptional artists shy away from trends and marketing yet excel far beyond those with massive followings.

With global access to social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, there's a misconception that replicating tattoos seen online is straightforward. However, many fail to recognize that these designs might be tailored for specific skin tones and textures. Additionally, a significant number of images are often altered through Photoshop to appear more appealing, potentially misleading those seeking similar tattoos.

Another myth involves alcohol consumption post-tattooing, which isn't as detrimental as commonly believed, though it's not recommended before the process.

People often worry that certain intricate tattoo styles won't heal well over time. However, based on my extensive travels and observations, when executed skillfully by a well-trained artist, styles like super thin outline tattoos or micro-realism can stand the test of time with occasional touch-ups, much like other tattoo styles.

Additionally, there's a prevalent myth that tattoos are limited to certain styles. In reality, every artist brings their unique touch influenced by their background, preferences, and art styles. The variety is staggering, from script tattoos ranging from minimalistic to gothic to various other forms of artistic expression that can resemble stickers or abstract designs.

Another misconception is that tattoo artists abroad surpass those in India. While international exposure has elevated tattooing standards, Indian artists are rapidly catching up, showcasing remarkable skill that rivals established artists globally.

Contrary to popular belief, there are effective numbing agents available today that can alleviate tattoo pain to a considerable extent, though results may vary based on an artist's expertise in using such products.

Furthermore, the misconception that Indian tattooists are licensed and trained in infection control is widespread. However, the reality is that there's a lack of oversight by medical bodies in India, leading to many artists not adhering to basic hygiene and infection control measures.

Interestingly, tattoos are widely accepted in various professional domains, including the corporate world, challenging the stereotype that professionals like bankers or doctors don't have tattoos. Regarding tattoo specifics, there's a myth that the first tattoo should be small to acclimate oneself to the experience. However, many clients opt for larger tattoos like full backs or half sleeves for their first ink without issues.

There's also a belief that tattoos must always carry deep meanings or stories. While significance can enhance the tattoo, it's not mandatory; tattoos can purely serve as decorative elements on the body. As for tattoo removal, advancements in laser treatments have effectively erased even the most regrettable tattoos, although certain colors might pose challenges in complete removal.

Lastly, the healing process myth persists, with some still relying on Vaseline or home remedies. Professional aftercare practices have evolved significantly, offering hassle-free and effective healing methods.

There are myths persist not just among clients but also within the tattooist community, signaling the need for ongoing education and dispelling misconceptions in this ever-evolving industry.


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