Unveiling The Secrets To Longevity And Vitality

We were given the ancient science of yoga as a complete instrument for wellbeing

Through asanas, pranayama, and meditation, yoga promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Yoga focuses on your complete wellbeing by addressing the body, mind, and spirit. Asanas are physical positions that, when utilised in conjunction with the appropriate breathing methods, may be used to increase your flexibility and strength. Yoga helps you feel more energised by increasing your body's mobility and removing any physical and mental barriers. In addition to asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques are some more methods to add energy to your day through focused breathing and meditation.

How Yoga helps in energising you

Numerous studies have been done to demonstrate how practise yoga causes your body to create happy hormones. You experience joy and energy all day long as a result. Regular and consistent yoga practitioners have been shown to have happier and more fulfilling lives than non-practitioners.

Veera Bhadrasana

Formation of the posture

· Form Ashwasanchalanasan by extending your right leg.

· Raise your arms above your head while raising your palms.

· Align your back.

· Arms in close proximity to the ears

· Extend your right leg and maintain balance by standing on your left leg's toes

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Formation of the posture:

· Lie down flat on your stomach with palms placed under your shoulders

· Keep your feet together, with toes on the ground

· Inhale and then lift your head, shoulders and torso up at a 30 degree angle

· Ensure that your navel remains on the floor, your shoulders are broad and head slightly raised upwards

Paschimottanasana - Seated forward bend

Formation of the Posture

· Begin with Dandasana

· Ensure that your knees are slightly bent while your legs are stretched out forward

· Extend your arms upward and keep your spine erect

· Exhale and empty your stomach of air

· With the exhale, bend forward at the hip and place your upper body on your lower body

· Lower your arms and grip your big toes with your fingers

· Try to touch your knees with your nose

Sirshasana (Headstand)

Formation of the posture

Vajrasana is the starting position. Your elbows should be on the ground. Your palms should support the back of your head while you place the top of your head on the floor in front of them.Up till your back is straight, walk with your toes pointing towards your head. First, raise your right leg and position it in front of your upper torso. Lifting up your left leg while maintaining balance and core strength

Word of advice for those having lumbago, neck pain, spondylitis and high blood pressure should not practice this posture.

Yoga Mudra Technique

Mushti Mudra

Formation of the posture

· Sit in Ardha Padmasana with your right foot over your left thigh

· Lift your left foot and place it on your right thigh facing up

· Pull your feet closer to your hips

· Drop your knees to the floor

· Make a fist with your palms and place them on your knees

Your body gains vigour and strength via yoga. It helps you get rid of impurities and lose extra weight, which makes you feel lighter, but it also does more than simply tone your body. It promotes serenity and harmonises your thoughts and emotions.

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