The ten emotions of Power for scripting a successful life

If we study the life of successful persons we find that they have very strong power of positive emotions in their character and that helps them to go on scripting a successful life which is not measured by material gains alone

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The ten emotions of Power for scripting a successful life

Positive emotions enhance wellbeing and flourishing in our lives. Our mind enjoys negative thoughts and emotions more and creates fear and anxiety. If we study the life of successful persons we find that they have very strong power of positive emotions in their character and that has helped them to script a successful life which is not measured by material gains alone. The ten emotions which are most powerful to lead a happy and successful life are :

  1. Love and warmth : The consistent expression of love seems to be able to melt almost any negative emotions it comes in contact with. If someone is angry with you, you can easily remain loving with them by adopting a core belief such as this marvellous one from the book " A Course in Miracles": All communication is either a loving response or a cry for help if someone comes to you in state of hurt or anger, and you constantly respond to them with love and warmth, eventually their state will change and their intensity will melt away.

  2. Appreciation and Gratitude : I believe that all of the most powerful emotions are some expressions of love, each directed in different ways. For me, appreciation and gratitude are two of the most spiritual emotions and actively expressing through thoughts and action my appreciation and love for all the gifts that life has given to me, that people have given to me, that experience has given to me. Living in the emotional state will enhance your life more than almost anything I know of. Cultivating this is cultivating life. Live with an attitude of gratitude.

  3. Curiosity : If you really want to grow in your life, learn to be as curious as a child. Children know how to wonder - that is why they are so enduring. If you want to cure boredom, be curious. If you are curious, nothing is a chore, It is automatic - you want to study. cultivate curiosity, and life becomes an unending study of Joy.

  4. Excitement and Passion: Excitement and passion can add juice to anything. Passion can turn any challenge into tremendous opportunity. Passion is unbridled power to move a lives forward at a faster tempo than ever before. To para phrase Benjamin Disraeli, man is only truly great when he acts from the passion. How go we "get" passion ? The same way " get " Love, warmth, appreciation, gratefulness and curiosity - we decide to feel it ! use your physiology: speak more rapidly, visualise images more rapidly, move your body in the direction you want to go. Don't just casually sit and think. You can't be filled with passion if you are slumping over your desk breathing shallowly, and slurring your speech.

  5. Determination : All of the above emotions are invaluable, but there is one that you must have if you are going to create lasting value in this world. It will dedicate how you deal with upsets and challenges, with disappointment and disillusionments. Determination means differences being stuck and being stuck with lightening power of commitment. If you want to get yourself to loose weight, make those business calls, of follow through on any thing, " pushing" yourself won't do it. Putting yourself in the state of determination will. All your actions will spring from that source, and you will just automatically do whatever it takes to accomplish your aim. Acting with determination  means making a congruent, committed decision where you have cut off any other possibility.

  6. Flexibility : If there is one seed to plant that will guarantee success, it is the ability to change your approach. Infant, all those actions signals - those things you use to call negative emotions - are just messages to be more flexible! choosing to be flexible is choosing to be happy.  Throughout your life there will be times when there are things you will not be able to control, and your ability to be flexible in your rules, the meaning you attach to things and your actions will determine your long term success or failure.

  7. Confidence : Unshakable confidence is the sense certainty we all want. The only way you can constantly experience confidence, even in environments and situations you have never previously encountered, is through the power of faith. Imagine and feel certain about the emotions you deserve to have now, rather than wait for them to spontaneously appear some day in the far distant future. When you are confident you are willing to experiment to put yourself on the line. One way to develop faith and confidence is simply by practice using it.

  8. Cheerfulness : When I add cheerfulness to my list of most important values, people commented, " There is something different about you. you seems so happy" I realised that I had been happy, but I hadn't told my face about it. There is big difference being happy on the inside, and being outwardly cheerful. Cheerfulness enhance your self esteem, make life more fun, and makes people around you happier as well. Cheerfulness has the power to eliminate the feeling of fear, hurt, anger, frustration, disappointment, depression, guilt and inadequacy  from your life. Being cheerful means you are incredibly intelligent because you know that if you live a life in a state of pleasure - one that so intense that you transmit the sense of Joy to those around you - you can have the impact you meet eventually any challenge that comes your way. Cultivate cheerfulness and you won't need so many of those painful action signals to get your attention.

  9. Vitality : Handling this area is critical. If you don't take care of your physical body, it is more difficult to enjoy these emotions. Make sure that physical vitality is available, remember that all emotions are directed through your body if you are feeling out of sorts emotionally, you need to look at the basic. How are you breathing, when people are stressed, they stop breathing, snapping their vitality. Learning to breathe properly is the most important avenue to towards good health.

  10. Contribution : "The secret to living is giving" there is no richer emotion in life then the sense that who you are as a person, something you have said or done, has added to more than just your own life, that somehow it has enhanced life's experience for someone you care about, or may be someone you don't even know. The stories that moves me most profoundly are about people who follow the highest spiritual emotion of caring unconditionally an acting for others benefit.

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