The Language Of Energy

What is the language of energy? We know that energy is power. It is through power that any language is created and communicated

If there were no energy, there would be no language. What is energy? It is nothing but the power of the Spirit. When we talk of Spiritual connections, we are all interconnected, but we don’t realize it. It appears that one wave is separate from another wave, but they are all coming from the ocean. The same holds true for us. Spiritual connections are revealed when we realize that everything in this world is energy. The language of energy is the truth of energy. Rather than calling it the language of energy, it is the realization of energy, the power of energy.

Everything in this world is energy. Energy, as such, has no language. Energy is what connects the whole world. In fact, science, in its latest discoveries in the fields of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, has discovered the Wave-Particle Duality, that states that every particle of matter is, in essence, nothing but energy. When we talk of the language of energy, energy gives power. Then, we are able to listen to a song, which can be in any language, watch a movie in any language. So, energy has a universal language - the language of Spirituality, the language of non-duality, the language of oneness. When we realize that we are all one, then we have understood the language of energy. Because the language of energy is about the realization of the truth - the truth that this whole world is a manifestation of energy. I call it the Supreme Immortal Power, SIP. Scientists call it dark matter, dark energy. They agree that more than 95 percent of the universe is nothing but energy. What is this energy? Science is baffled. Scientists don’t understand. One thing that they understand, though, is that everything is energy. Earlier, science and Spirituality were at loggerheads. They had no synergy. But today they both agree that everything in this world, in this universe is energy.

What is the spiritual connection we talk of? You and me appear to be two bodies but these bodies will die. In essence, we are that power that gives us life nine months before our so-called birthday, the date mentioned in our birth certificate. We are that power called the Soul, a Spark Of Unique Life. Some people call it Spirit, Ruh, Atman, Prana - different religions convey this is in different languages. But nobody can deny that the Soul is life, it is energy. What is the language of life? Life has no language. Life is a reality. It comes when we are conceived and it departs at death. At death, people say that we passed away. Who passed away? It is the energy that left. What is the difference between a man who is alive and one who is dead? Energy. The language of energy is life. This is what connects you and me.

In reality, we are all manifestations of the one Divine. If we go to a gold shop and we look at a bangle, ring, earring, necklace, we realize that there is gold in everything. The ring is a manifestation of the gold. So, all of us have energy and we are all manifestations of the energy. And the language of energy is that it appears in the world as Souls in all creatures. In fact, every molecule of matter, the 5 elements of nature are nothing but energy. Therefore, the language of energy is a universal power. When we understand that we are all intertwined with that one Divine Spiritual energy, then we realize the truth that we are all manifestations of the supreme. The supreme manifests as energy in this world, as you, as me, as the butterfly, the bee, the tree, the mountain and the sea. If we understand that all this is energy, then we have understood the language of energy.

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