The Holistic Approach To Care Is Taking Centre Stage In The Health Sector

The blanket term ‘Alternative healing practices’ encompasses a plethora of options

While the world has been moving forward at supersonic speed towards technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence, it’s interesting to witness how the healthcare sector is slowly but steadily showing an inclination towards traditional healing systems, amalgamated with modern holistic modalities and practices. Going back to the roots and digging out old-world healing practices, many researchers, doctors, and healers are now offering alternative treatments, which are getting popular among the masses and attracting a huge number of people, especially urban consumers. Let’s ponder deeper to understand the new emerging healthcare market of alternative healing, holistic well-being, and modern holistic modalities.

Alternative Healing Practices 

Interestingly, many people are now ditching the conventional medicinal path and opting for alternative healing modalities, including Access Bars, Aura Shielding, Crystal Therapy, Sound healing, Pranic healing, Aura Photography, and more. Dipal Dand, founder of Crystal Magic shares, “I take sessions of Pranic healing, Access Bars, and Theta Healing. In Theta Healing one goes into a deep relaxed state of mind which is the gateway to the subconscious mind and then crystal energy is passed. Access Bars works on the 32 points on our head, which when activated, clears and releases all past emotions, beliefs, trauma, shocks, and memories.”

Dipal also conducts spiritual growth workshops like the Angel Guidance workshop, affirmations workshop, blessings, and forgiveness workshop. “I also give out energized crystals, which transform the energy of your body and aura. It also helps in the healing of various areas of your life – be it physical health, emotional health, mental health, spiritual growth, career growth, etc.”

Dr Kirti Shah, who is a Cosmic Energy Expert says, “I am working in the field of positive cosmic energy for the overall well-being of humankind. Whatever positive cosmic energy we require, it is already in the universe in the form of a vibration. Unless and until we attune to that frequency with our mind and body, we can’t be truly happy. To achieve that state of happiness, a person has to work with automatic machines, which can attract, transmit, balance and harmonise the required universal frequency.” Dr. Shah has developed a few energy healing products called Peaceful Mind Belts and Energy Converter, which he claims can usher in good health and bring peace of mind.

Aqua Physiotherapy 

Now, normal physiotherapy is passé, as aqua physiotherapy is what is creating the buzz in the healthcare market. To enhance the fitness experience, now we have an Aqua Physiotherapy clinic. Whether you are suffering from muscle pain, shoulder or neck pain, ligament or meniscus injuries, tennis elbow, and other such issues, Aqua Physiotherapy can come to your rescue, which apparently has multiple benefits on the body and mind, with no side effects. Dr Chandni A Mehta, Physiotherapist and founder of Aquamax, says, “I’m a practicing therapist for the past 14 years now, and Aqua Physiotherapy I’m practicing for the past 9 years. While practicing physio, the thought stuck with me that only physiotherapy or only exercise is not enough. That’s the reason I turned into an aquatic rehabilitation physiotherapist. In Aqua Therapy, the journey of patients is easy and more result oriented. I also believe that one should be able to exercise at any age, so whether you are 80 years old or 3 years old, it shouldn’t be a hindrance. Aqua Physiotherapy allows one to exercise irrespective of age. On land, if you are 16 kgs, in the water you are 6 kgs, so technically we off-load the weight on the joints, and hence exercising in aqua becomes much easier.”

Ayurveda for pets

Moving further, herbal wellness and Ayurveda are now catering to animals, too, and manufacturing products for pets. Talking about it in detail, Ankita Bhatia, Branch head of Planet Ayurveda, highlights, “We have six products for cats and dogs, including shampoo, conditioner, dermo vet for skin, and more. Currently, we are in the process of launching more products for pets.  We offer pure Ayurvedic products, which don’t harm animals. In allopathic medicines for pets, there are lots of chemicals, but our products are chemical-free. Currently, we are distributing our products pan India and outside the country, too.”

Therapy Pillow

It’s hard to imagine that a simple pillow can help in de-stress and relaxation, ease joint and muscle stiffness, relieve soreness and pain, and help in curing back and joint pain. Natural Himalayan Salt Crystal Therapy Pillow by Jogani Wellness is claiming to do all these and much more.  Dipti Mondal from Jogani Wellness shares, “The product has healing crystals along with salt. You can use it while you are driving or sitting in the office. Just don’t wash it with water. Use it for at least three hours in a day to see results.”

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