Sustainability Matters

The world in interlinked in ways one cannot imagine, something that we are all experiencing now in the era of global warming.

Do you know that the way you treat your waste has a direct impact on the world outside your home? A sustainable lifestyle, one which is mindful of the resources you consume, as well as what you send out into the environment is crucial for the well-being of every being on the planet, be it a fish, a frog, a bee or a tiger. This pandemic has made everyone realise how our actions can spell doom for us if we’re callous towards Nature. Let’s deep dive into how the web of life is very precious and delicate and how each of our us have a long-standing impact on the world and its beautiful biodiversity. Web of life

The world in interlinked in ways one cannot imagine, something that we are all experiencing now in the era of global warming. Our over consumption of fossil fuels had led to warming of seas, which in turn has resulted in changes in rain patterns. This has made the African desert wetter and more led to newer breeding grounds for locusts. Ocean warming is also threatening marine ecosystems as corals are bleaching and dying, spelling havoc for fish stocks. To save our Earth, we must make connections about how our actions are impacting some other life form far way...

Waste to Resource

Soil is the building block of life. There’s a powerful quote which says “Despite all our advances, we owe our existence to a six-inch layer of top soil and the fact that it rains”. By keeping soil healthy, you are ensuring that all forms of life can be sustained!

The best way to do this is to compost your wet waste. Composting keeps nature’s perfect design of circular economy active and returns important nutrients back to the soil. Good quality soil ensures food security for the world. Besides, healthier soil gives rise to ecosystems where birds , insects, butterflies and several other species can thrive.

NOT COMPOSTING on the other hand has a serious detrimental impact on the environment, as it leads to land, air and water pollution, gives out greenhouse gasses and contributes greatly to climate change.

Take matters in your hands

70% of our household waste is biodegradable. Even though we live in synthetic urban surroundings, we can adopt the forest way of aerobic bio composting. An easy way is to start is at your building/ community level. Once you begin, you will realise what an easy and satisfying process it is to see waste turn into sweet smelling manure.

And why stop at that, you can also start growing your own organic garden with herbs and veggies on your building terrace top and enjoy your own little green nook.

Sustainable Choices:

Whatever you consume, even if it’s a small needle has come from some part of the world and has a carbon footprint of manufacturing, transporting, packaging, and retailing. If you think about the carbon footprint of a single item you buy, be it a notebook or a t shirt or a soap bar, everything has an ecological impact.

Conscious consumption is pivotal to protecting our Planet. When you look for products, check the packaging for a recyclable logo. Shop for local products that have not travelled across the world to be on your plate.

Opt for packaging free products or paper-based packaging whenever possible, or products of conscious businesses. When buying paper-based packaging, you can also look for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo which indicates that the paperboard used in the product you are buying has come from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that our forests are alive for generations to come.

The Earth Heals

If there’s one thing lockdown has taught us, it’s the beautiful fact that the planet can heal in no time, without human intervention. And that it belongs to all life, which are craving to enjoy the planet with as much freedom as humans use it.

So, let’s start today. The idea is not to live with “Eco Stress”, but Eco Awareness. We can have perfectly good quality lives with a little awareness of caring for our planet, the way she cares for us! 

Sustainability is built on 3 pillars: People, Planet, Profit. Let’s pledge to adopt sustainable development. With a planet positive approach, whatever we do will also be in sync with the lives of Earth’s other creatures.


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