Stay True To Your Guru

Guru, a term denoting one who brings light and eliminates darkness, holds the key to enlightenment by dispelling the shadows that hinder your path towards illumination

Your Guru imparts wisdom about the value of life and the means to enhance your knowledge, leading to progress and enrichment in every facet of your existence. By following the teachings of a Guru, you embark on a transformative journey towards a better way of life.

Let us take, for instance, a scenario where you must visit a hospital for a medical procedure. You must provide comprehensive and transparent information about your medical history for the best possible outcome. Similarly, openness and honesty should characterise your relationship with your Guru. It would be best if you confided in your Guru, sharing your life circumstances, aspirations, dreams, and other pertinent aspects of your being. 

Based on this information, your Guru can guide you on what course of action you must take to fulfil your goals and desires. Then, the disciple's responsibility is to follow their Guru's instructions. It is only by adhering to the commands given by the Guru that the disciple will be able to attain his heart's desire and lead a life of blissful contentment. If we continue to experiment with life in ignorance, it will only cause further trouble. 

Lead a disciplined and focused life to honour your commitment to your Guru. Open your heart to your Guru, allowing them to guide you without causing them any disappointment or distress. Throughout ancient scriptures and literature, we find remarkable examples illustrating the immense value of the Guru-disciple relationship. Arjuna, Eklavya, and Karna exemplify loyalty, love, and unwavering devotion towards their masters, ultimately achieving greatness. By staying true to the knowledge bestowed upon them by their Gurus, they not only brought fame to themselves but also illuminated the world with the glory of their Gurus. Yoga teaches a powerful lesson to us about how, through the Guru-disciple relationship, one can attain the necessary knowledge for enlightenment.  

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