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The minerals from the clay pot seep into the water making it more alkaline. This can be the simplest way of going back to nature to restore better health and immunity for yourself.

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Summer is here again and we tend to feel low on energy, drained and sluggish. Here are some tips to feel pepped up during the blazing summer months:

1)  I am sure we all know how important it is to stay well-hydrated. But, it is equally important to include the right kind of hydrating fluids. The first and foremost being adequate water. Avoid storing water in plastic bottles. If you wish to refrigerate it, use steel or glass bottles .However, it  would be best to store and have water from earthen clay pots. The minerals from the clay pot seep into the water making it more alkaline. This can be the simplest way of going back to nature to restore better health and immunity for yourself.

2) Our fluid requirement goes up and we crave for cooling beverages, specially when outdoors. Avoid excess consumption of tea, caffeine and alcohol as these all are dehydrating.  The most healthy drinks to include at this time are Jaljeera. Coconut Water, Shikanji, Sharbats(rose,  khas & kokum), Chhach or buttermilk, Thandai, Aam Panna, Sugar cane juice, Bel sharbat,  Sattu . That’s enough nutrients  & variety to keep ourselves away from aerated & packaged artificial juices & drinks.   

3) Include foods that have cooling properties. These include curd, chia seeds, sabja seeds, cucumber, fennel seeds, mint leaves. Curd , being a  fermented food will also keep your gut bacteria happy and well-populated. Raw onion is an excellent coolant, against the hot winds(called ”loo” in northern India). Add sliced raw onions as salad, to raitas and chutneys and salvage yourself from sunstrokes.

4) One of the best ways to boost your immunity and avoid falling prey to infections and illnesses is to stick to local & seasonal produce. Fresh fruits are a  great source of  fibre & nutrients . Gorge on seasonal goodies like mangoes(India has umpteen varieties of mangos native to every region!), melons(musk, water, canary or any other), jamuns, peaches, loquats, plums, litchis. Pick freshly harvested veggies like gourds, cucumber, eggplants, pumpkin, ladyfinger, amaranth (chaulai).

5) It is best to keep your meals light, to avoid issues like bloating and heartburn. A staple Indian food, Khichdi, made with rice, split lentils and minimal spices along with a vegetable raita makes for an ideal summer meal. The humble one-pot meal can easily be declared the national dish of India. Do not forget to add a small dollop of ghee on top of it, for stronger bones, better eyesight, radian skin & hair. Swap the deep fried snacks like samosa/ kachori/ pakoras with lighter variants like dhokla &  idli.

6) Avoid eating fried and spicy food as that can aggravate pitta dosha and cause heartburn and produce more heat in the body. Spices and herbs like nutmeg, green cardamom, fennel seeds and khuskhus(poppy seeds) have cooling properties. Did you know  almonds when soaked and peeled help keep the body cool instead of being heaty?  No wonder, they are all part of quintessential summer drink, “thandai”. A sacred Indian herb, “Tulsi” or Holy basil leaves are also cooling for the body. Another herb, Brahmi also helps one stay cool and calm. 

7) Avoid eating cut fruits and vegetables, outside, as they are potent breeding grounds for microbes and could be contaminated and cause stomach flu & infections.  

8) Last, but not the least, wear garments made of  light-coloured breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Synthetic clothes trap the moisture and the sweat and can breed bacteria and cause skin infections. Prefer loose garments that aid air flow instead of clingy outfits. When stepping out in the daytime, make sure your head is covered with a hat scarf to help avoid sunstroke.

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