Sports Nutrition Brand 'Myprotein' Launches Range Of New Products

The Gooey Filled Cookie, Sugar-Free Sauce, 6 layered Protein Bar and the Impact Whey Protein - Masala Chai Flavour are the new additions to their range.

Sports nutrition brand, Myprotein has unveiled a range of health products recently. Expanding its product range, Myprotein introduces four products - The Gooey Filled Cookie, Sugar-Free Sauce, 6 layered Protein Bar and the Impact Whey Protein - Masala Chai Flavour.

1) Myprotein Gooey Filled Cookie - They’re are high in fiber and may be an ad

2) Myprotein Sugar-Free Sauce - The Sugar-Free Sauce in a Sweet Chilli Flavour is low fat and contains up to five calories per serving. 

3) 6 Layered Protein Bar - Another recent release in India is Myprotein’s Layered Protein Bar. Each bar features six layers of taste and texture to provide protein, carbohydrates and fibre packed with over 20 gram of protein, minerals calcium and copper.

4) Impact Whey Protein - Masala Chai Flavour - Each serving of IWP Masala Chai Every features 21 gram of protein, with less than 1 gram of carbs and 1.9 gram of fats and 103 calories. 

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