Sports Nutrition Beyond Gender

Vishnu Menon, founder of Iron Asylum, talks about the continues growth of sports nutrition bringing an increasing number of women into a traditionally male-dominated space

How wellness is taking a center stage for everyone

With the world navigating the enormous challenges born out of the global pandemic, wellness has taken a centre stage for everyone. Within this exciting new era of wellness, sports nutrition has also witnessed massive growth. As per recent report by Future Market Insights (FMI), the global market size for sports nutrition is expected to rise at a robust CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period, 2022-2032.

This increased demand in the global sports nutrition industry is because of the number of factors. Its foray into the women’s market has been directly promotional to the rapidly changing lifestyle owing to the past few years of the pandemic.

There has been a monumental change in consumer preferences. The customer today is more keen on a healthier lifestyle including performance-oriented clean ingredients. Wellness is a lifestyle now for men and women across ages and so is the demand for sports nutrition.

Owing to this change in consumer preferences, the sports nutrition industry has also undergone a major change. The past few years witnessed women concentrating more on their wellness. Besides holding the home and for front, many women and girls now ensure that they do take out time for themselves. As they become more health conscious, sports nutrition products have also transcended from just been and essential for athletes to now being essential for men and women across age groups.

Evolved market positioning, packaging and flavour options have also been instrumental in attracting more women towards sports nutrition. Besides this, more women athletes entering the business including wellness spaces, training, lifestyle products and nutrition products that place emphasis on wellbeing beyond losing weight or winning a completion has changed the discourse for women around maintaining healthy lifestyle. It has gone beyond looking a certain way or reaching a certain weight and has become more about felling better in body and mind.

As mainstream marketing and consumers prioritise maintaining healthy diet, women are also looking at sports nutrition as a way to bring complete nutrition into everyday life.

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