Spiritual Enlightenment In Daily Life

Exploring how spiritual insights and enlightenment can be integrated into daily life, relationships, work, and decision-making

Spiritual enlightenment is about lighting the light within. It is eradicating the ignorance that we live with. When one is spiritually enlightened, one is completely transformed. One realizes that one is not the body, mind and ego, one is the Divine Soul. But even the journey towards attaining spiritual enlightenment can transform life on a day to day basis; it can transform relationships, work and decision-making. It can change the paradigm of life. But how is this possible?

When we are on the spiritual path, we understand the reality of life that we come with nothing and we take nothing with us when we go. We come alone and go alone. Nothing and nobody belongs to us. We realize that we are not this body. Even this body we will leave behind. We realize we are the Divine Soul. We realize we are all part of one Supreme Energy. Therefore, we get detached from people and possessions. This detachment liberates us from pain, misery and sorrow. In relationships, we learn to forgive. Even though our partner may not be spiritual, we realize that it is all a Leela. Ultimately, everything is Maya, an illusion.

At work, we are no longer are obsessed with fame, money or power. We no longer live with greed. We realize that success and achievement are not the ultimate goals of life. The ultimate goal is enlightenment, spiritual awakening. We realize that happiness does not come from pleasure which is temporary and based on achievement and success. Happiness comes from just being happy. Whether at work or at home, whether with strangers or friends, we treat all with love and reverence realizing the inherent divinity in each one of us. We know we are all one and therefore, no longer hate people or get angry, vengeful or jealous.

Decisions we make are not based on how beneficial they would be in the material world but how they will credit us in the spiritual world. Decisions are based on whether or not a deed is good Karma. Decisions are driven by love for all, service to all. In reality, we realize that each one of us is a manifestation of the Divine. Therefore, spirituality makes us evolve in the journey called life. Spiritual enlightenment is a huge step. Those who are completely enlightened are liberated from all misery and suffering on earth - from the pain of the body, misery of the body, agony of the ego. If the body is hurt, the body may experience pain but a spiritually enlightened person will not suffer. Just like he knows that he’s wearing a garment, he knows that the body is just like a garment too. He lives as an instrument of God. Spiritual enlightenment switches on the light within and helps us realize that this world is like a show and we are mere actors who come and go. Spiritual people are more patient. We learn to accept and surrender. We do not get tormented by the trauma that we see around us because we know that life is a drama and everything is Karma.

Ultimately, spiritual awakening leads us to discovering the purpose of life. Prior, we would live just like a clown, dancing and jumping up and down. Because there was no purpose, life was no more than a circus. When we are spiritually enlightened, there is a purpose, there is awakening, there is realization. We are not chasing achievement but living with contentment and fulfilment. We live in the light of the truth that gives peace, joy and bliss.

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