Sore Throat? Follow These Ayurvedic Tips For Quick Relief

A common ailment that we all go through in our day-to-day lives is sore throat. Be it weather change or having something wrong with your appetite

People often resort to Ayurveda to avoid the supposedly threatening side effects of allopathy medicines. A common ailment that we all go through in our day-to-day lives is sore throat. Be it weather change or having something wrong with your appetite. Seemingly common and relatively small, sore throat, can lead to a lot of irritation, uneasiness, restlessness and more. Many people resort to Ayurvedic means in order to get quick relief. 

Here are some such Ayurveda-based tips for your sore throat:

Salt-water Gargle

We all have gargled in life. Be it because our mother told us to do so or when we are concerned for our child’s health. Dissolve a half teaspoon of rock salt in one-litre warm water and look towards the ceiling while you run your tongue in the water. This is a simple remedy to reduce the swelling in your throat. 

Drink Ginger & Honey Water

A quarter teaspoon of dry ginger (Sounth) powder and a small spoon of honey mixed with one cup of warm water work wonders for sore throat. This simple remedy helps your throat feel warmth and protect itself against any pain. Honey is filled with antioxidants to help relieve the pain of a sore throat. Ginger reduces swelling, pain and congestion and helps fight off infection-causing microbes. 

Drinking Warm liquids

Hydrating your throat during sore throat is the most important thing you can do. It has dried to become sore and warm fluids will help moisten & prevent dehydration. Hot beverages that one can try are - Honey-Ginger Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Red Hibiscus Tea, and Green Tea among others. 

Triphala and Yashtimadhu

During sore throat, one must avoid the intake of dairy products which can adversely affect their health. Even fried food, dry & hard food, cold food and beverages, sweets and even smoking can become painful during sore throat situations. In such a situation, Yashtimadhu (Or Licorice Roots) along with warm water can be a complete game changer. Also, mixing a small teaspoon of Triphala powder in water and leaving it covered overnight to consume it the next day can be really beneficial. Consuming this mixture in the morning can work wonders against sore throat because of its high Vitamin C and detoxification properties. 

Betel Leaves Consumption

Paan ka patta, also known as betel leaves is an ancient, ayurvedic medicinal remedy that helps ease a sore throat. Boiling the leaves with basil in water can be great for one’s health. 

Chew cloves

Cloves or Laung, is a great remedy against the sore throat as it releases oils that are useful for your health. Keep a few cloves in the back of your mouth between teeth and cheeks to avoid a dry cough and sore throat. 

Along with the consumption of Ayurvedic herbs, one can even resort to traditional methods like Yoga and making lifestyle healthy to detox and lead a healthy life. A balanced diet, exercise, and taking proper sleep and care are important additions along with these Ayurvedic remedies to lead a healthy life to avoid sore throat or any other ailments.

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