The need of the hour is MENTAL WELLNESS. The best solution is to have a breakfast of Meditation sessions everyday

COVID 19 panedemic is not only testing the physical and economical survival of the world but also the mental and emotional strengths of every individual going through lockdowns and quarantined life. Suicide by famous Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has just surfaced many such suicide death cases happening due to depression and psychological issues. The need of the hour is MENTAL WELLNESS. The best solution is to have a breakfast of Meditation sessions everyday.

Mental Equilibrium Why?

According to psychologist there are four types of Intelligence Quotients -- Intelligence, Emotional, Social, and Adversity. Adversity Quotient is the measure of ones ability to go through a rough patch in life and come out of it without losing sensibilities of mind . AQ determines who will give up in the face of troubles. AQ goes below normal if the mental equilibrium gets disturbed. Any condition of stress or excitement can upset the Mental Equilibrium. Thus we need more and more Meditational Practice to maintain the mental balance.

How to Maintain Mental Wellness/Equilibrium –

1) Kayotsarg Relaxation-

Everybody suffers from three types of tensions. It is muscular, mental and emotional . Relaxation is a harmless and useful antidote to counter the injurious effect of tensions. Kayotsarg is a form of Meditation where every single body organ is given autosuggestion to relax . This meditation technique involves awareness of the real self apart from the body. Apart from tribulations, excitement and emotions. It’s a process of self awareness. The turmoil due to restlessness vanishes and an acute sense of relaxation and relief from tensions is experienced. It gives soothing effect on nervous system, It is excellent to treat psychosomatic diseases such as depression , hypertension and others . kayotsarg is not only total relaxation of the body but also real experience of self awareness.


Endocrine glands are very powerful as they affect brain .Neurotransmitters in brain – specifically serotonin, dopamine or norepinephrine affects feelings of happiness and pleasure . Antideprssants work to balance these neurotransmitters, mainly serotonin. If Endocrine Glands are properly harmonized via systematic meditation, then, one can become free from emotions that arouse from brain. Preksha Meditaiton is a meditation technique founded by Acharya Mahaprajna . Regular practice of Preksha Meditation transforms blood chemistry through proper synthesization of neuro endocrinal secretions and production of dispassionate internal vibrations. This further gives the power to control your mind and become free from emotions that affects hormonal equilibrium.


Social media has repeatedly masked what we call as real. We hardy sit together, talk to people like it was in our childhood or at college days. Pressure to look better and riches, look happier, successful than others in this virtual world is very high. Yes, it is a social media gift. We are online connected but emotionally and physically disconnected. This pressure is a major cause of depression and anxiety. Go back to roots and nurture families. Take out time to spend with real people and strengthen the bonding.


Tryptophan or 5- hydroxytryptophan- is amino acid precursor to serotonin. Taking either form boosts serotonin levels and can improve mental wellness in 4-6 weeks. Herbal remedies to manage mood disorders are Ginseng, Lavender, Saffron, Omega 3 fatty acids, Chamomile, SAMe ( a synthetic form of chemical that occurs naturally in body). Add these herbs in daily food to boost Serotonin. You can also take a good neutraceutical like NUTRIATTRACTIVE BEAUTY CAPSULES that has 36 vitamins and minerals with required hormone quantity for the body.

5) Adjust to your lifestyle-

Covid 19 lifestyle demands physical disconnect from people but not emotional. Heavy workout, Yogic exercises like Sarvangasana, High intensity workout, kicks release happy hormones. Make a daily activity planner and stick to routine so that you don’t feel lonely or unproductive. Take out time for all priorities to give away the feeling of guilt of not doing imp things . New lifestyle has distanced you physically. It is important to stay connected via long distance sports with friends, video calls, meeting up with 2-3 good friends whom you trust. Stay with family, nurture hobbies, do creative things and most importantly stay engaged.

6) Ayurvedic herbs Mental fears is the biggest killer of immunity. Try these herbs to control anxiety, stress, insominia, depression and such emotes.

· Ashwangandha- It has active compounds like steroidal lactones, saponins, alkaloids and withanolides that provide antidepressant , anti inflammatory and anti anxiety properties . These properties help in reducing stress caused by physical and emotional fatigue. Consume powder or liquid form.

· Bhrahmi-. Bhrami acts as an adaptogen n increases the serotonin levels in the brain that help the mind keep calm and give relief from anxiety and nervousness. Soldiers were given Bhrahmi in olden times to cure stress.

· Jatamansi- Cures insomnia and sleeping disorders. It is anti depressant, anti gatigue and has Anti Stress properties. Roots are used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda. Gives therapeutic effect to mood swings and stress disorders.

· Pudina Peppermint- Presence of menthol helps calm the frazzled nerves and has a cooling effect. It is loaded with vit A, C minerals like Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Folate, Copper and Potassium . Menthol helps cure insomnia by keeping mind calm in good sleep.

7) Deep Breathing –

IT has the power to keep mental equilibrium intact. Breathing must be regulated to be deep, slow, calm and rhythmic . Complete exhalation and slow inhalation by the use of diaphragm is called deep breathing, it is achieved by contracting and expanding the abdominal muscles . Normal Rate of breathing is 15/17 minutes but with conscious regulation it can be reduced to 4/6 per minute. Essence is total awareness of every breath you take.

8) Naval Meditation—

Visualise the colour of rising Sun on your naval as Chakra. Focus your consciousness on the navel and become fully aware of the contraction and expansion of the abdomen accompanying and inhalation respectively. This will balance the chakra energy and release required hormones that controls the balance of mind.

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