Reunion In Relations

Relations are born by destiny and we have to constantly nurture them

In a world where the richest man, Bill Gates, seeking separation after 27 yrs of marriage and Kim Kardashian’s multiple relations, isn’t a shocker, the thoughts of break-ups are unavoidable. The news of severing relations also doesn’t make any headlines in Bollywood too, be it Hrithik and Susanne’s parting with after 14-years. Who doesn’t know about the Ambani brothers’ phenomenal split. Another break-up which surprised the world was of the - The Beatles. But the history is full of hurts of separations in every strata.

Nobody wishes for break-ups somewhere inside, the mess is more when relations meet business and the conflict in one leads to the end of another but we all still hope it may never occur. It would be to demean the emotions to say that the separations in either do not impact us, especially if it’s about broken relations. We all have insecurities about the thought of losing our relations.

Relations are born by destiny and we have to constantly nurture them - this is what we all accept as truth but we often forget that the companionship has to be furthered by us. In life, relations are a string of unremitting ups and downs which can be managed only by a positive and wishful communication.

Can we ever change things? Can things be different and positive always? The thoughts of separation are horrific but wish for reunion is indelible. There are not any manuals explaining steps to get reunited in all severed relations, but there are always certain means and ways in life that could be in our control.

A vibrant relation is the foundation of any successful matrimony or business growth; nothing breaks a relation more quickly than the lack of trust. The desire to reconcile without taking action is meaningless and makes relations more vulnerable. Forgiveness could be the strongest glue to affix knots of troubled relations.

To forgive does not mean assent but the opportunity to not allow the differences to rule your heart, mind and future. Forgiveness and tolerance are two powerful gifts in any relationship; however, with the anticipation of tolerance one must also accept that there are no guarantees for reconciliation accept the unconditional forgiving. No matter how the situation unfolds it is important to maintain dignity and respect.

Beside physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ways of amending the relations there is a powerful way of reconciliation is Astrological remedies

What Astrology induces reunions in relations?

Vedic astrology helps us understand the working of planets in our lives and their influence in shaping our horoscope.

Before contemplating upon relations, it is essential to know ourselves. The ability to know and understand oneself helps in recognising the traits that attract and repel people around us. Astrology provides a safe way to discover our personal selves. Astrology promotes self-awareness and nudges us into the direction of not just accepting our best self but also realising what makes us flawed. This can help a great deal in building and nurturing relations. If only you know enough about yourself, you can make your partner realise what you want.

If people become increasingly aware and conscious of their astrological calculations then unwarranted conflicts in relations can be avoided. A competent astrologer can help evade complications and mend broken ties. If the astrologer’s advice is abided by, any relation can be made deeper and long lasting.

Planets responsible for successful relations and reunion

Mercury: Mercury rules our mind and brain and the communication between relations. Ironically it governs connection, conflict and resolves to amend any relation also. Thus the placement of mercury in horoscope decides our relations, separation and reunion.

Moon: “Candrama manaso jatascakṣoḥ” The moon dominates our emotions and psyches, and our emotions play crucial role in relations weather it is love, matrimony, business, partnership etc. Evidently it is paramount to consider the placement, degree and combinations with different planets in birth chart for the outcome of our relations.

Venus: Venus is a very powerful but strange planet in astrology which impacts almost every aspect in relationships. Its decide what we wish, wants and expect in relations. Also our definition of beauty, love, attraction, affection, lust, luxury and progress are determined by Venus. Obviously its placement in the birth chart is of paramount value.

Saturn: Need not to say that people are deeply obsessed with planet Saturn and have a great apprehensive fear for it. And it is not for nothing, as Saturn really impacts us negatively and positively also in every situation of life. So the planet Saturn and its placement in horoscope are vital for long term relationship and in modern context in long distance relationship too. Evidentially the planets make our relations, partnerships and business and success thereon. I have many cases in my diary of clients who have reunited in relations and improvised their business with success. Vedic astrology is a boon for seeking relationship remedies.

The writer is a Delhi based Celebrity Astrologer and Palmist and can be reached at [email protected]

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