Proper Astrology Support Can Help In Good Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing can be disturbed by persistent feelings of sadness and discontent in life

Mental wellbeing is a relatively widespread buzzword nowadays. However, mental wellbeing is not only about having good mental health. Instead, it is a state of holistic wellbeing wherein one can enjoy every moment of life and cope with life situations without impacting the overall wellness index.

What disturbs the mental well-being?

The underlying cause of this state can be the direct presence of a disease such as depression, anxiety, stress, etc., or other life events such as failures in life, professional issues, financial crunch, and tumultuous love life-impacting the overall mental wellbeing of the person.

How Astrology Can Support Mental Wellbeing

Whenever we are in a dark room, we use a torch/candle to serve as a guiding light, and it helps the individuals steer themselves from the situations.

Similarly, Astrology & other occult sciences are a way to live life and assist humankind by being the guiding ray of divine light.

The role of astrology is limited to finding the factors impacting our mental wellbeing and approaches that can help us win over mental wellbeing.

Proper analysis of a person's horoscope, current ongoing Dasha, and the name of a person can assist in predicting the future and taking the preventive course of action to avoid anything that impacts mental wellbeing.

What are the critical factors in Astrology that govern our mental wellbeing?

Our horoscope and name is a hybrid system that needs to be evaluated and assessed as a whole to look at life and, more specifically, mental wellbeing. However, a few key elements that govern primary triggers impacting mental wellbeing include:

The first house, i.e., Ascendant of a person, governs the overall state of health and happiness. Therefore, affliction to this house and or house lord may negatively impact the state of health of a person.

The fifth house is another crucial house that plays a significant role in judging direct triggers of mental ailments. This house symbolizes logic, the mind's thinking process, and the fascination of human imagination.

Affliction to this house and or house lord may negatively impact the state of mental health.

Now, looking at the planets, Moon (Mind), Mercury (Intellectual Logic), and Jupiter (Wisdom) are key planets governing our mental wellbeing.

Any affliction to these planets may negatively impact the state of mental health. Furthermore, the current data of planets not supportive to people such as Dasha of 6/8/12 house lords or Marak planets can also impact the mental wellbeing of a person.

Give your mental wellbeing a new edge with these Astro numerological remedies.

Personalized Meditation & Sound Therapy:

Meditation has been scientifically proved to bolster mental wellbeing. Customizing meditation with binaural beats selected as per date of birth and person's name helps a person achieve a higher state of productivity and acclaim a proactive healthy lifestyle.

● Practice Pranayama

Pranayama assists you in connecting with your eternal soul and overcoming ailments such as sleeplessness, sadness, anxiety, tension, irritation, and rage.

● Silver is the New Gold Standard for Mental Wellbeing:

Silver has recharging benefits to mental wellbeing. In addition, silver can be included in daily lifestyle via drinking silver-charged water, wearing silver ornaments, or taking bathing from silver charge water.

● Choosing remedies as per own horoscope, name, and current data:

The remedies could be edibles, herbal baths, gemstones, crystals, mantra, and yantra.


Our mind and mental well-being decide where we reach in our life. Therefore, timely and proactive astrological support can reassure a healthy lifestyle rewarding one with eternal all dimensional wellbeing.

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