Precautions To Take If You Are Suffering From Glaucoma

While Glaucoma is a disease of the eyes, many factors of general health play a role in its impact

Glaucoma is a disease of the eyes where there is progressive damage to the optic nerve of the eye leading to irreversible vision loss and this is most often due to an increased eye pressure. While it is a disease of the eyes, many factors of general health play a role in its impact. If you are suffering from glaucoma, a few basic well-being measures and precautions can prevent this disease from worsening. 

These include:

· Control hypertension and diabetes: Both too high or too low a blood pressure can cause glaucoma to worsen, hence try to keep the blood pressure in an optimum range. For people with diabetes, it is imperative to keep the blood sugars in check and avoid too much fluctuation.

· Avoid drinking large quantity of water in one go: Some people are in the habit of consuming many glasses of water in one go in the morning time to cleanse their system. This practice can cause eye pressures to rise and worsen glaucoma. It is not recommended for glaucoma patients to partake large volume of fluids in one go, but preferably divide and take in multiple smaller portions.

· Avoid exercises where there is an increased pressure in the head region: Certain forms of exercises which include having your head below the heart for extended periods of time or causing sudden rise in pressure to the head (kapalbharti in yoga) are best avoided by patients with glaucoma. This holds true for weight lifting too.

· Manage chronic cough and constipation: Repeated coughing or straining on the toilet can cause a high eye pressure during the process. This can negatively impact vision in a patient with glaucoma. It is best to avoid environmental or dietary exposures which cause these problems.

· Control snoring: Snoring and associated sleep apnea is a risk factor for certain forms of glaucoma. If you are a glaucoma patient with these sleep related problems, take precautions such as sleep in a lateral position, preventing blocked nose etc. to avoid precipitating these. Seek medical help for controlling these sleep diseases.

· Avoid steroids either in medical or dietary supplement format: Steroids are a group of chemicals notorious for causing a rise in eye pressure. About one in ten people will have high eye pressure on using steroids. It is best to avoid these compounds and informing your physician about your glaucoma in case they are prescribing them.

· Take your medicine as per schedule: It is very important to be compliant with the glaucoma medication being prescribed by the ophthalmologist. Repeatedly missing these medications are a recipe for vision loss and should be avoided at all costs.

By following these precautions and care, you can ensure that your glaucoma remains in control and your vision is preserved for your lifetime.

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