Plant Based Meat - The Future Of Food

Plant-based meat describes food that is designed to imitate animal meat products and are also healthy and tasty

Plant based meat is the next step to healthy living by the consumption of it in a vast manner. The plant based meat market is growing not only in India but all around the globe. This can be termed as a new trend for conscious eating and feeding our bodies with self-love. Gone are the days when plant based meat was not aware to a majority of the population all around the world. As of now, the awareness and consumption of plant based meat has grown manifold.

According to Founder and CEO, which is India’s leading plant-based media publication and an events company, Palak Mehta feels, “The future of food is here and plant-based meats are testimony to it. For flexitarians, guilty-non vegetarians and transitioning vegans, plant-based meat alternatives are not new to India. The humble jackfruit or soy chaap have been around for years. But with increasing advancement of food-tech; mimicry of meat in terms of its taste, texture, flavour, protein profile has become easier. Plant-based meats can now be made from a variety of ingredients such as peas, soy and even millets.” She feels that this is an era of awareness and growth in terms of not only food intake but also an empathetic nature of man towards animals.   

Mehta goes on to explain that, “With introduction of higher quality of plant-based meat alternatives to kebabs, tikkas, keema, nuggets, burger patties and sausages they have started gaining market acceptance in India. A simple example is increase in horeca sales of these alternative proteins. While some people consume these as alternatives to animal proteins, some simply enjoy the familiarity of taste while trying to quit meat. Whatever their reason maybe, these will soon become even more popular just like plant-based milks has. After all, they’re a fantastic option for the environment, health and animal welfare.” Her views portray the fact that plant based meat is becoming very popular in a holistic manner.

On the other hand, Monique Jhingon, MSc Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant has a completely different view to the consumption of plant based meats. She feels that it is not a very healthy option as it can have long term health issues. She explains that, “One of the key pillars of a healthy diet is real, wholesome, and minimally processed foods. Unfortunately, most plant-based meat substitutes are ultra-processed foods that contain substances extracted from real food – often genetically modified soy, and other dubious ingredients like inflammatory seed oils, flavors, and other additives. The second key pillar of a healthy diet is nutrient density; nutrient deficiencies are unfortunately very common and can have serious implications on long-term health.”

She feels that plant based meat does not need to be inculcated as a product for human consumption. She expresses herself on this topic by saying that, “As compared to real meat, the protein in plant-based meat is of inferior quality and more difficult to digest and absorb. A study published in the journal Current Developments in Nutrition in 2022 showed that the consumption of a single meal containing a popular plant-based meat resulted in lower plasma concentrations of amino acids compared to a meal containing real meat.” Explaining this in detail, Jhingon further elaborates her views by stating that the consumption of real meat is a wise choice to make. 

She goes on to say that, “Whereas real meat contains naturally occurring micronutrients such as B12, iron, and zinc, plant-based meats don’t and are often fortified with synthetic nutrients that are not well absorbed by the body. If you want to eat meat, you are better off eating the real thing. Choose high quality, sustainably sourced meat where possible. If you are vegetarian: there many wholesome, tasty, and minimally processed protein-rich options, such as paneer, lentils, legumes, whole grains, or tempeh. Choose wisely and be well!” This is her completely different and genuine view which is opposed to the statistics of the growing popularity of plant based meats in today’s day and age. 

Similar to animal-based meat, plant-based meat is composed of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. There are certain issues in the consumption of real meat which can be a bit unhealthy if consumed in large proportions. However, with the advent of plant based meat in the market and its growing awareness and popularity, we can confidently accept the fact that it is the future of healthy eating. The Indian food market is seeing a sharp rise in the sales of plant based meat. As we surge ahead in terms of health and wellbeing, our nation and even all the other nations on planet Earth are developing new trends and perspectives as proved by the facts of the mentality of mankind at present and as predicted for the future about how people are focusing on self-development in a very holistic manner.

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