Overview: How Pandemic Has Heightened Need For Corporate And Workplace Wellness

Working professionals faced quite a few challenges in the beginning as balancing both work and home was not smooth

The year 2020 has left a mark on people's lives in different ways. The world was introduced to a pandemic and adapted itself to the confinement of four walls. From being unable to step out of their houses to working from home, the pandemic has had a significant impact. 

Working professionals faced quite a few challenges in the beginning as balancing both work and home was not smooth. Moreover, the inability to meet friends and family, and constantly worrying about health took a toll both mentally and physically. Working remotely came with its own ups and downs and getting accustomed to this new work environment affected productivity, happiness, satisfaction index, and many more. The pandemic burnout was real and was extremely evident in employees due to a lack of socializing, living a monotonous life glued to the laptop screen, and finding no boundary between work life and personal life. 

The drastic change in work-life balance impacted employers all over the world and an immediate need was created to keep a check on employees' well-being and wellness. Corporations realized that keeping employees healthy mentally and physically was of utmost importance and was the need of the hour. It was in the hands of the employers to ensure that employees do not feel isolated or suffer from burnout which will not only influence the professional growth of the employees but also will have severe repercussions on the company’s future. 

The extreme transformation in the minds and lives of working professionals during the pandemic built its foundation to commence the wellness journey at workplaces and to strengthen relationships in the workforce. 

Boost physical and emotional wellness

The objective is to provide a safe and supportive workplace for the employees where they feel secure and it helps to build a long-lasting relationship. For the overall well-being of the working employees, it is necessary to put focus on both boosting their physical and emotional wellness. Employees are engaged in various kinds of activities that aid in strengthening their bond with their co-workers beyond work. Moreover, emotional wellness helps to enhance not just productivity but also become more emotionally aware and can handle various workplace situations in a calm and composed manner.

Building a culture of support and positivity

The companies are concentrating on building a healthy workplace culture that is based on two important aspects: support and positivity. Corporations are ensuring that employees will receive support for their needs whether it is emotional or physical. Since workplace stress is a major issue found among employees, the focus is put forward to build a community of people who are there for each other and help each other through a positive mindset. 

Open communication

Employees often hold back from sharing their thoughts and feel a sort of uneasiness to discuss their feelings with their employers. However, post-pandemic, the scenario has changed and people have realized communication is a powerful tool. Workspaces are creating safe environments where employees can freely convey their thoughts and feelings. Open communication aids in nourishing employee relationships and team bonds. 

Nurturing minds and bodies

One of the key factors for improving employee productivity and focus on work is the nourishment of their physical and mental health. Providing the right facilities to help them nurture their hobbies, giving breaks for traveling, giving opportunities to discuss their hobbies, and helping them to find time for themselves have been beneficial in amplifying employee health holistically. 

Due to the massive impact of the pandemic, workplace well-being and wellness took the front seat to put employees’ mental health issues as a priority. A holistic initiative was taken by most employers that would look after the overall well-being of the employees by providing them with a safe workspace and also allowing them to find the right balance between personal and professional lives. Today, the key to a successful business and an earnest alliance between employee and employer is largely dependent on workplace wellness and corporate well-being. 

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