Online Astrology: Is It Safe Or Not?

To avoid falling prey to a scam, individuals should be cautious when using online astrology apps and should consider consulting with a trained and experienced astrologer or using reputable astrological resources

With the advent of technology, online astrology has become a regular way for people to connect with the cosmos. But with so many websites offering personalized horoscopes and astrological readings, the question remains - is it safe to foray into the virtual world of astrology? Online astrology is considered as an easiest accessible way to gain insight into one's future and to make suitable decisions. However, it is equally important to note whether online astrology is safe or not? And should we approach as and when compulsive?

Thought influence of the internet now widely impacts astrology but superficially. This influence of the internet can be observed in the transformation of astrological tools, from the traditional Panchang to software apps. The trend has led to studying software apps pertaining to the Panchang and astrological calculations. And it has eventually given a boost to the modern-day astrological business, thereby helping many.

Many online astrology apps are not based on any scientific or astrological principles. They often use algorithms and computer programs to generate predictions and readings, rather than relying on the knowledge and expertise of trained astrologers. This means that the information provided by these apps is often inaccurate and unreliable. Online astrology can also be a source of misinformation or false claims, which can lead to confusion, disappointment and even harm. Some online astrologers may make bold claims or predictions that are not backed by any scientific evidence, which can lead to confusion or disappointment when these predictions do not come true. 

Lack of Accuracy

Additionally, some online astrologers may make claims that are not supported by any factual evidence, which can be harmful to individuals who may make important decisions based on this misinformation. Many online astrology apps lack transparency. They may not disclose how their predictions are generated or what data they are collecting from users. This makes it difficult for users to evaluate the credibility of the information provided by the app and can lead to them being misled.

One of the major reasons why online astrology is not safe is that it is often based on inaccurate or incomplete information. Many online astrology sites use automated systems to generate horoscopes and predictions, which can lead to inaccurate or generic information. Additionally, many online astrologers do not have formal training or qualifications, which means that they may not have the necessary knowledge or expertise to provide accurate predictions.

Is your data safe?
When you use an astrology app, you may be required to provide personal information such as your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. This information is used to create your astrological chart, which is used to generate predictions and insights. However, this information can also be used to track your movements, target you with ads, or even be sold to third-party companies. Additionally, some astrology apps may request access to other personal information such as your contacts, location, and browsing history. 

This information can be used to create a more detailed profile of you, which can be used for targeted advertising or other dubious purposes.

With the internet at the centre of daily life, it's inevitable that there are many kinds of fraud to go along with it However, a little care and adequate caution can help you be rid of unwarranted attacks on your finances. 

To protect your privacy when using an astrology app, it is important to read the app's privacy policy and terms of service carefully. Every time you install an app on your device, make sure you are using a verified app. Look for apps that have a good reputation and have been reviewed by other users. Additionally, be mindful of the amount of personal information you provide to the app, and consider disabling location tracking, camera access and other permissions that you don’t consider necessary.

Why is a physical astrology session a better choice?

One of the main advantages of consulting an astrologer is that they are able to provide personalized and in-depth readings. An astrologer will take into account a person's unique birth chart and life circumstances, as well as their current questions and concerns, in order to provide a reading that is personalized specifically to them. In contrast, online astrology apps often provide generic, one-size-fits-all predictions that may not be accurate or relevant to an individual's situation.

Another advantage of consulting an astrologer is that they are able to provide a more holistic perspective on a person's life. Astrology is not just about predicting the future or interpreting the stars, it is also about understanding the deeper patterns and themes that are present in a person's life. An astrologer will be able to provide guidance and insight into a person's relationships, career, and spiritual path, and will be able to offer suggestions for how to navigate any challenges that may arise. While online astrology apps can be a convenient way to access astrological information and guidance, it is important to be aware that some of them can be a scam. To avoid falling prey to a scam, individuals should be cautious when using online astrology apps and should consider consulting with a trained and experienced astrologer or using reputable astrological resources. The 'personal' from Astrology is as inseparable as humans from the urge to fall back on astrologers. 

The writer is a Delhi based Celebrity Astrologer and Palmist and can be reached at [email protected]

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