Olympian Wrestler Geeta Phogat Inaugurates Contoura Vision At ICARE Eye Hospital

Contoura Vision, approved by US FDA as the safest eye surgery available today, is the latest advancement in specs removal by laser vision correction

Renowned Olympian Geeta Phogat inaugurated Contoura Vision, an advanced form of LASIK, at Noida’s ICARE Eye Hospital.

Contoura Vision, approved by US FDA as the safest eye surgery available today, is the latest advancement in specs removal by laser vision correction. Apart from correcting refractive errors of the eye and specs power, the machine also corrects corneal irregularities while working on the visual axis. It maps the unique shape of the eye using 22,000 unique data points and corrects all corneal irregularities. This creates an optically perfect surface of the cornea, giving unmatched sharpness of vision, according to ICARE doctors.

Geeta Phogat said, “As a sports person, I fully understand the importance of perfect eyesight and the role it can play in fulfilling aspirations of today’s youth. I am delighted to inaugurate this game-changing LASIK technology in Noida. It will be a boon to people in Delhi-NCR, especially young women getting married, youngsters looking to pursue careers where looks are a priority, aspiring sportsmen, youth looking to join the armed forces, and everyone else who wants to get their specs or contact lenses removed and acquire a perfect vision.”

Dr Saurabh Choudhry, CEO, ICARE Eye Hospital, Noida said, “Use of laser has revolutionised treatment of many vision-related problems. With the launch of the LASIK Contoura Vision at ICARE Eye Hospital, we look forward to offering people the best and safest way to restore their vision and become specs-free. We have combined the two best technology platforms, Femtolaser by Johnson and Johnson and Contoura Vision by Alcon, resulting in 6/6 or better vision with enhanced sharpness and clarity. With this latest technology, the post-operative care period is reduced to only a couple of days, and the patient can start all normal activities like driving in just a week’s time.”

Contoura Vision is a blade-less, pain-free procedure which is very precise. It does not require stitches, injection, or hospitalisation. Anyone can walk-in and walk-out the same day after getting their vision corrected through a customised procedure, eliminating dependence on spectacles and contact lenses.

Removal of corneal irregularities at a microscopic level is a unique feature of Contoura Vision. By correcting these irregularities with the help of a Topolyser, the machine creates an optically perfect surface. Additionally, Contoura Vision treatment is directed towards visual axis, a line passing through the line of sight in the eye, which gives much sharper outcome compared to traditional LASIK procedure that is directed towards the Pupillary Axis. 

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