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BW Wellbeing World of BW Businessworld is back with its annual conference of The Festival of Wellbeing & Awards to celebrate wellness and positivity

The Festival of Wellbeing (FOW) is a vibrant celebration designed to embrace and promote holistic wellness, emphasizing the interconnected elements that contribute to a fulfilling life. This unique event brings together experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts from diverse fields to inspire, educate, and create a shared experience around the themes of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The vision is to create a dynamic and inclusive space where individuals can explore, learn, and engage with various dimensions of wellness, fostering a community that values and prioritizes the pursuit of a balanced and joyful life.

This will be happening in the month of April, 2024. 

Including the day’s agenda will be several very interesting discussions and activities around holistic wellbeing, such as -

Mindful Living

•       Workshops and sessions on mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction techniques.

•       Talks by renowned meditation and mindfulness experts.

Emotional Wellness

•       Therapeutic art and music sessions.

•       Talks by mental health professionals on emotional resilience and self-care.

Happiness and Positivity

•       Inspirational talks by happiness researchers and positive psychology experts.

•       Interactive workshops on cultivating joy, gratitude, and positive thinking.

•       Artistic performances and activities that celebrate happiness.

Health and Nutrition

•       Cooking demonstrations and nutrition workshops promoting healthy eating habits.

•       Expert discussions on the relationship between diet, exercise, and overall well-being.

•       Show casing local, sustainable, and nutritious food options.

Physical Vitality

•       Demonstrations of holistic approaches to physical health, including alternative therapies.

•       Discussions on the importance of regular exercise and movement.

Positive Discipline Practices & Mindful Parenting

•       Encouraging positive behaviour, fostering emotional intelligence, and creating a nurturing home environment.

•    Teach parents how to stay present, manage stress, and cultivate a mindful approach to parenting.

Cultural Perspectives on Parenthood

•       Recognizing and respecting diverse cultural approaches to parenting.

•       Sharing insights from various cultural backgrounds, promoting inclusivity, and understanding different parenting philosophies.

Apart from panel discussions & fireside chats, other highlights of the event are –

•       Wellbeing workshops

•       Wellness marketplace

•       Awards

•       Media interaction

Towards the end of the day’s proceedings will be the recognition of young stalwarts in the wellbeing domain who deserve to be honoured through the BW Wellbeing 30 under 30 awards and 40 under 40 awards. The awards will be given to those who get approved by the jury members, as ones standing out in the field of wellbeing in terms of excellence and having a strong prowess in any of the categories under which the awards will be given. These winners will be felicitated for their commitment to humanity and the holistic wellbeing of all. This will be the third edition of the 40 under 40 and second edition of the 30 under 30 awards.

The 40 under 40 awards jury list is as follows - 

•       Prof. Ramesh K. Arora – Chairman Management Development Academy Jaipur 

•       J.C. Chaudhry – Founder & Chairman Chaudhry Nummero Pvt Ltd 

•       Dr. Mukesh Batra – Founder & Chairperson Dr. Batra’s Healthcare 

•       PT. (Dr.) RK Sharma – Remedal Astrology (Gem Therapy) 

•       Dr. Mohit Sharma – Professor of Cardiology GB Pant Road Hospital New Delhi 

•       Suzy Singh – Acclaimed Mental Health Therapist Grief Expert, International Author & Karma School Healer, Founder - Suzyheals 

•       Rachna Chhachchi – Cancer, Nutrition & Mental Health Expert 

•       Pawan Goyal – Astrologer 

•       Ashtar Tashi – Spiritual Diva & Soul Mentor Though Leader, Joyologist Intuitive Healer, Author 

•       Dr. Annurag Batra – Chairman & Editor-In-Chief BW Businessworld  & Founder, Exchange4Media 

•       Harbinder Narula – CEO BW Wellbeingworld & BW Healthcareworld 

•       Noor Fathima Warsia – Group Editorial Director BW Businessworld 

  The 40 under 40 awards will have the following categories – 

1.Physical Wellbeing

2.Mental Wellbeing

3.Spiritual Wellbeing

4.Tech enabled Wellbeing

5.Corporate Wellbeing

The jury list for the 30 under 30 awards is as follows -  

•       Prateek Bhatt - Astrologer, Motivational Speaker, Life Guru        

•       Jwalant Swaroop - Founder & CEO, Happy Ho 

•       Acharya Praveen Chauhan - Astrologer, Palmist, Occultist, Author       

•       Sidhharrth S Kumaar – Astro Numerologist & Chief Happiness Officer, Numrovani    

•       Gautham Azad – Founder, Nummero Bay 

•       Dr. Rituparna Bhayana - Master Energy Healer  

•       Shayamal Vallabhjee - Sports Scientist, Psychologist, Author & Performance Coach, Shayamal Vallabhjee Performance Coaching  

•       Anika Parashar - Founder & CEO, The Women's Company 

•       Ira Trivedi – Founder, Nmami Yoga and Best Selling Author & Yoga Acharya 

•       Pandit Mangesh Maharaj Kadam - Mridang Alankar, Warkari Kulbhushan and Purandar Ratna, Founder / Chairman, Shhvasss Gurukul

•       Dr. Varun Katyal - Celebrity Nutritionist and Wellness Expert Founder, Diet And Health Solutions

•       Dr. Annurag Batra – Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, BW Businessworld & Founder, exchange4media          

•       Harbinder Narula – CEO, BW Wellbeing World & BW Healthcare World            

•       Noor Fathima Warsia – Group Editorial Director, BW Businessworld 

•       Devika Kundu Sengupta – Sr. Manager, Conference Production, BW Businessworld

On a conclusive note we can say that, you will surely be able to experience the celebration of the overall field of wellbeing through these various methods of throwing light on each of its facets.


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