Mindful Eating And Yoga : Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits

Your body's and health's current status are determined by the food you consume

Enrich the food you eat if you wish to grow personally.  Food provides the human body with nutrition and fuel, which is a marvellous feat of engineering.  The nutrients in meals are what make blood, which subsequently circulates to the brain.  This implies that our current mental and intellectual state is a direct outcome of the food we eat.  What we consume has an impact on everything, including heart health.  

Correct posture for eating

Better digestion might be supported by sitting up straight. You must aid in the peristalsis process if you want your digestive system to operate at its best. This occurs when the walls of your stomach and intestines flex in a series of carefully timed movements. This procedure enables our food to pass through the entire digestive system. As a result, all the nutrients needed to keep us healthy may be delivered effectively. Slouching and bad posture have an impact on this process, which stops peristalsis.

Choosing Compassion

Everybody usually adjusts their diet to fit their lifestyle, but a spiritual seeker has a different approach to food.  Food must be straightforward but satisfying for a spiritual seeker.  No other living thing should have to be harmed or put through pain in order to eat this food.  This meal is made with a lot of love and enthusiasm, and it should be eaten that way as well.  This lists all of the food fruit kinds that exist in the world.  

Well-Rounded Diet

Make sure to intelligently incorporate vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates into your diet.  Avoid including any food products that could hurt you.  Examples include foods that are highly hot or greasy.  Consume foods that will make you physically and mentally happy.  Along with the local cuisine, include items like milk curd yoghurt and clarified butter in your diet.  You must start paying attention to the food you eat if you want to make your life powerful.  Make the choice to reduce the amount of sugar you consume and, despite how alluring they may seem, cut out sugary drinks from your diet. Beverages with added sugar, sugary sodas, fruit juices, and sports drinks with a lot of added sugar are all strictly forbidden. Replace this with whole fruit, which is much healthier and gives your system more fibre. Protein has been shown to increase metabolism and decrease hunger sensations. You may maximise your body's potential by following the proper nutrition, lifestyle, sleeping habits, and exercise regimen.

Practise yoga for better digestion

Yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation practises can help to purify, stimulate, support, and promote good digestion. Vajrasana is the only pose that can be performed immediately after eating. Try to hold each of the following poses for up to 30 seconds in the morning and evening for five sets: Vajrasana, Malasana, Sukhasana, and Dandasana.

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