Life Lessons To Learn From The Festival Of Colours

The festival of colours heralds the arrival of spring after a protracted winter

Holi, which is primarily the celebration of many legends related with the holiday, brings us closer to our faith and our history. One of the most colourful festivals observed by the Hindu community, Holi is now celebrated all over the world. People of all ages and genders take great pleasure in Holi. The festival of colours heralds the arrival of spring after a protracted winter. It is observed on a spring full moon day in the Hindu calendar's Phalguna month (February-March).

Chhoti Holi will be observed on March 7 this year, and Holi will be observed on March 8.

Legend of Prahlad and Hiranyakshyap

The story of Prahlad and Hiranyakshyap is foremost. According to tradition, Hiranyakshyap was a strong devil-king who thought of himself as a deity and wished for everyone to adore him. His son Prahlad started to worship Lord Vishnu, which greatly incensed him. When Holika had a boon to enter fire unhurt, Hiranyakshyap ordered her to enter a raging inferno with Prahlad in her lap in order to rid himself of his son. According to legend, Holika was punished for her evil desire, whereas Prahlad was saved because of his tremendous devotion to the lord. The ritual of burning Holika, also known as the "Holika dahan," is largely based on this story.

Legend of Radha and Lord Krishna

Holi also honours the Radha and Krishna history, which tells of Krishna's tremendous joy at dousing Radha and other gopis with colour. Afterwards, this Krishna-inspired prank grew popular and widespread. 

Holi in Vrindavan

The various Holi celebrations in Vrindavan, Mathura, and the surrounding areas are based on their enduring love and exuberant coquetry. Krishna was having fun. In addition to dancing with them at Vrindavan, he ridiculed Radha and the Gopikas (the rural females). Krishna was beloved by all. Radha and Krishna used Holi to celebrate the season with vibrant colours and exciting celebrations. Radha and Krishna have ties to Brindavan and Mathura. Krishna was born in Mathura, whereas Radha was born in Barsana. Krishna built Vrindavan as a place to be with Radha Rani, his beloved. The whole area was referred to as Brajbhoomi.

The event, which honours Radha and Krishna's heavenly love, is observed till Rang Panchmi in the Indian district of Braj, where it is thought that Krishna spent his formative years. Radha and Krishna thus became one on this occasion and started to be seen as interdependent. While Vrindavan and Mathura's Holi celebrations are well-known, Barsana's Lathmar Holi, which begins a week before Holi, is famed for having women beat males (playfully) with sticks. 

Cultural Relevance

Triumph of good over evil

While the lesson of all these legends is the final triumph of virtue over evil, celebration of the many legends related with Holi reassures the populace of the strength of the truth. The Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad fable is another example of how intense devotion to God is rewarded because he will always take care of his devoted disciple. All of these legends support people in living moral lives and upholding the value of honesty. This is crucial in today's society because so many individuals torment the truthful for little money and engage in other terrible deeds. Holi encourages individuals to value honesty and truthfulness.

Importance of love

Darkness is the absence of light and pain is the absence of love. Holi promotes universal love through racial harmony and bolsters the secular foundation of our nation. Since everyone wants to take part in such a vibrant and joyful holiday, non-Hindus also celebrate the festival.

Also, according to Holi custom, even foes become friends and forget about any hardships they may have been experiencing. In addition, on this day, everyone participates in the festival in a spirit of goodwill and fraternity without making a distinction between the rich and the poor. They visit friends and family in the evening to offer gifts, treats, and pleasantries. Relationships are revitalised, and emotional ties between people are strengthened.

Celebration of Life

Life is unpredictable therefore it is important to live life with your loved ones. This is demonstrated by the holi celebrations in Manikarnika Ghat. In the Indian city of Varanasi, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Manikarnika Ghat is one of the most revered cremation sites along the Ganges. In Kashi, Holi is honoured by devotees with pyres burning across the area. This is the most unusual and uncommon way to celebrate Holi where both life and death are celebrated simultaneously. This is a message that life is temporary and we must live life to the fullest as long as we are alive.

Ushering in Spring and new beginnings

The Holi Festival is a chance for people to start over and let all of their inhibitions go as well as a means to welcome the arrival of spring. The Holi festival, when, according to history, the gods supposedly turn a blind eye, is one of the only times that devout Hindus can let loose. They let loose and enjoy each other's company, making time to dance and enjoy themselves while ignoring cultural norms. On the first day of the festival, a bonfire is lit to symbolise the burning away of all that is bad and the lighting of a new, happy future.

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