LISSUN Adds Dr. Roma Kumar To Its Child Mental Health Division

Dr. Kumar comes with 35+ years of experience in child psychology, and currently holds the position of Senior Consultant Psychologist at the prestigious Institute of Child Health

LISSUN, India’s leading mental health platform, is proud to announce a remarkable expansion of its child mental health division as it welcomes the eminent psychologist, Dr. Roma Kumar, on board. With the invaluable addition of Dr. Roma Kumar to the team, LISSUN aims to redefine the landscape of child mental health care, ensuring a brighter future for the young minds of India.

Dr. Roma Kumar is a highly accomplished psychologist with an illustrious career spanning over three decades (35 years). She currently holds the position of Senior Consultant Psychologist at the prestigious Institute of Child Health. In addition to serving as the Vice Chairperson (Psychology) at the Institute for Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr. Kumar’s expertise also extends to her role as a senior consultant at Max Hospital Gurgaon. She is also the founder of the esteemed Saksham Child and Adolescent Guidance Clinic, providing specialized care to young individuals. Moreover, Dr. Kumar is a partner and co-founder at Emotionally, an organization dedicated to revolutionizing mental health services. With her vast expertise and extensive contributions in the field of mental health, she has earned a stellar reputation as a thought leader and advocate for child and adolescent well-being.

Understanding the vital significance of child mental health care, recent research has shed light on the alarming statistics that emphasize its importance. Research has shown that one in five children experience mental health challenges, and early intervention is key to their long-term well-being. By joining forces with Dr. Roma Kumar, LISSUN intends to enhance its capabilities and expand its reach in addressing the specific mental health needs of children and adolescents, ensuring that every individual receives the support and interventions they require for optimal well-being.

Dr. Roma Kumar expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “I am delighted to join forces with LISSUN to further advance the field of child mental health care in India. Together, we will strive to provide holistic and evidence-based interventions for children and adolescents, empowering them to lead healthier and happier lives.”

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Roma Kumar to the LISSUN family,” said Tarun Gupta, Co-Founder of LISSUN. “With her remarkable proficiency and vast background in child mental health, she brings immense value to our organization. This partnership showcases LISSUN’s resolute dedication to delivering inclusive, individualized, and easily accessible mental health services. By leveraging Dr. Roma Kumar’s extensive expertise and merging it with our technology-driven platform, we aspire to revolutionize the landscape of child mental healthcare. Together, our objective is to extend our reach to a broader audience, offering customized interventions and creating a significant positive influence on the well-being of children and teenagers.”

As part of their collaborative efforts, LISSUN and Dr. Roma Kumar will collaborate on the development of specialized protocols for Child Development Interventions and Services. Additionally, they will facilitate training programs for psychologists and other mental health staff working in child development clinics, upholding a consistent and high standard of care across the board. LISSUN also has ambitious plans to make significant advancements in the child mental health care domain by establishing 10+ Phygital child development centres, seamlessly integrating physical and digital resources. These centres will act as hubs of excellence, offering comprehensive support and interventions to promote the mental well-being of children.

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